PSC20 – Writing and Balancing Equations
1. Manganese (IV) oxide reacts with hydrogen monochloride to produce
manganese (II) chloride, water, and chlorine.
2. Copper reacts with hydrogen nitrate to produce copper (II) nitrate, nitrogen
monoxide and water.
3. Carbon monoxide reacts with iron (III) oxide to make iron and carbon
4. Hydrogen perchlorate reacts with tetraphosphorous decaoxide to create
hydrogen phosphate and dichlorine heptaoxide.
5. Calcium phosphide reacts with water to make calcium hydroxide and
phosphorous trihydride.
6. 3-methyl-4-octyne reacts with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and
dihydrogen monoxide.
7. Iron (III) chloride reacts with dihydrogen monosulfide to produce iron (II)
chloride, hydrogen monochloride and sulfur.
8. Iron (III) oxalate decomposes and forms iron (II) oxalate and carbon dioxide.
9. Carbon reacts with hydrogen nitrate to make nitrogen dioxide, carbon
dioxide and water.
10. Potassium chromate reacts with hydrogen monochloride and produces
potassium chloride, chromium (III) chloride, dihydrogen monoxide, and