Spacecraft craft instructions

Spacecraft Craft for Grades 1-4
Supplies Needed:
 Collect recyclables - bottle caps, paper towel tubes, plastic bottles – anything
that looks like you might be able to cover, color, cut glue, staple, etc.
 Glue – sticks or tacky
 Aluminum Foil
 Colored masking or Duck tape, any other tape you want to use
 Markers
 Bendy straws, plastic stirrers
 Styrofoam or paper bowls
 Stapler
 Stickers, paper scraps, foam pieces/shapes
 Willingness to make a mess (and clean up after yourself)
 Something with a sharp-ish point
 Scissors
Books to Consider – Lots more out there!
Mousetronaut Goes to Mars
Alistair in Outer Space
Martian Rock
Mr. Wuffles
Company’s Coming
Company’s Going
First Graders From Mars (series)
Mark Kelly
Mark Kelly
Marilyn Sadler
Carol Diggory Shields
David Wiesner
Arthur Yorinks
Arthur Yorinks
Shana Corey
Floating in Space
What’s Inside? Spacecraft
If You Decide to Go to the Moon
Space Stations
Space Vehicles
Space Travel
Human Space Exploration
Space Exploration
Franklyn M. Branley
Faith McNulty
Martha E.H. Rustad
Martha E.H. Rustad
Jenny Tesar
(World Book)
Giles Sparrow
- From Barbara Goetschius, RCS Community Library