Erase the embarrassing appearance of stretch

The Complete Stretch Mark Cream
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Erase the embarrassing appearance of stretch marks with a revolutionary product that is
formulated both for the removal and the prevention of stretch marks.
Product Summary
The Complete Stretch Mark Cream is a one of a kind product that has been shown to improve
the effects of stretch marks and prevent them from appearing in the first place. It is paraben
free meaning that it is safe for extended use.
Detailed Description
There are a number of reasons that stretch marks may appear; pregnancy, weight gain or loss,
muscle gain or rapid growth, which is extremely common in youths just after they hit a growth
spurt. They can appear almost anywhere but are most prevalent on the stomach, breasts, hips,
butt and thighs.
The Complete Stretch Mark Cream is light and non-greasy but can be easily absorbed into the
deepest of skin layers. It has the power to even out discolorations in the skin and stimulate
collagen and connective tissue synthesis. You will also find that your skin will become firmer
and the length and depth of your stretch marks will be decreased. The tone and elasticity of the
skin will also be restored as well.
Elastonyl is one of the main ingredients and offers results that you can see. Below you will see
pictures showing the results after 84 days of application.
The breakdown of collagen is the main cause of stretch marks; they appear as the skin
stretches, which occur for a number of reasons. The Complete Stretch Mark Cream is
responsible for stimulating collagen production, which will improve the look of the skin due to
stretch mark damage. In fact, in a clinical study, Elastonyl was shown to increase collagen
synthesis by 62%. This product is also created from naturally occurring ingredients that have
been shown to produce amazing results for those who rely on them.
Apply to thoroughly cleansed skin. Continue using daily for long lasting results and beautiful,
healthy skin.
Key Ingredients
Stretch marks are created when the skin tissue is stretched and damage. Elastonyl has been
shown to improve both the appearance of stretch mark damaged skin and is great when you
are attempting to prevent stretch marks from occurring in the first place.
Elastonyl works efficiently to inhibit the expression of MMP-1 and -2, which are both involved
in the degradation of both elastic and collagen tissue of the skin. It limits the irreversible
degradation of these items by reducing the synthesis of cathespisin L.
It also improves the network of fibers in the skin by boosting the synthesis of collagen I and
stimulates the synthesis of fibrillin. Studies have been shown that prove Elastonyl is effective in
controlling these aspects and improving the appearance of stretch marks over time.