13-14 Intent to Implement Memo

December 11, 2013
Directors, Exceptional Children Programs
Lead Administrators, Charter Schools
Exceptional Children Coordinators, Charter Schools
RtI Coordinators
William J. Hussey, Director
Exceptional Children Division
Responsiveness to Instruction Intent to Implement (RtI)
IDEA 2004 requires states to allow LEAs to implement Responsiveness to Instruction (RtI) as a
method for determining Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) eligibility. In an effort to update
our database, we are asking for information regarding your current status of using RtI to
determine SLD eligibility as part of a comprehensive evaluation.
For schools that have participated in RtI training and intend to fully implement RtI for
SLD eligibility beginning in the 2013-14 school year, the following guidelines should be
1. LEAs should complete the Intent to Implement Responsiveness to Instruction form at
w/viewform. Each school using RtI data collection for SLD eligibility for the first time in
the 2013-14 school year, should complete and submit this form.
2. RtI should be used for any student struggling in an academic or behavioral area. When
the data gathered during the RtI process results in a referral to special education, this data
should be used when making decisions for eligibility. Once using RtI to determine SLD
eligibility, schools may no longer use a discrepancy method for determining SLD
eligibility. The use of RtI as part of a comprehensive evaluation does not preclude the
use of other assessments, as needed, to answer questions that inform instruction and
3. Only eligibility for SLD may be determined through RtI. Refer to Policies Governing
Services for Children with Disabilities (Amended- October 2013) for more details
regarding required evaluation components for SLD.
William J. Hussey, Director | bill.hussey@dpi.nc.gov
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If a school has previously submitted a Responsiveness to Instruction Intent to Implement form
prior to the 2013-14 school year, please complete the brief survey at:
https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17Kxk2TTKEfP_J03IDT3wPncbpMoOb3YRXN8hRwS7sk/viewform .
Questions should be addressed to Lynne Loeser at (919)-807-3985 or lynne.loeser@dpi.nc.gov.
C: Ira Wolfe, Section Chief
Dreama McCoy, Section Chief
Lynne Loeser, Consultant