Peter Ferguson Perciformes. From greek, perke

Peter Ferguson
Perciformes. From greek, perke- fish, and iformes – shape. Sciaenidae. From Greek
Skiaina- a derivateive of Skia – shade or a shadow.
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Sciaenidae
~70 genera
~270 speciess
Local Species: Freshwater Drum; Aplodinotus grunniens
Description: single, elongate dorsal fin with a deep notch. Rarely separated. The first
portion of the dorsal fin has 6-13 spines. The second portion of the dorsal fin has
one spine and most often between 20 and 35 rays. Anal fin with one or two spines
and 6-13 rays. Pelvic fin directly below pectoral fin. Caudal fin rounded or slightly
emarginate. Well developed lateral line that extends to the end of the caudal fin.
Sagittal otolith very large. Large pores on snout and lower jaw.
Habitat: Sciaenid fishes can be found in marine, brackish, and freshwater
environments. They are most likely to be found in shallow water areas. Around
continents mostly.
Distribution: Sciaenid fishes are found worldwide, in tropical to temperate seas, on
the continental shelves. They also make their way into fresh water in the new world.
Ecology and Life History: As adults they are benthic predators on small fish and
invertebrates. As young fish they eat invertebrates.
Additional details: Sciaenid fish have well developed, branched gas bladders which
they use as resonating chambers for sound production, presumably for mating
Recent Research:
Carreon-Martinez, L. B., S. A. Holt, B. S. Nunez, C. K. Faulk, G. J Holt. 2010. "The use of
polymerase chain reaction for the identification of sciaenid eggs." Marine Biology
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