Ch. 2 Study Guide

Stone Ages - Study Guide
1. Give two examples of how
prehistoric people adapted to their
2. How did the land bridge help
people migrate around the world
during the ice ages?
3. How did farming bring change to
human societies?
4. What is “Stonehenge”?
5. What does the word
“Australopithecus” mean?
6. What is an ancestor? Give and
7. Why is the study of ancient bones
important to us today?
8. What does the phrase “Homo
erectus” actually mean?
9. What is a land bridge?
10. What is the Neolithic Revolution?
11. What is a megalith?
12. Why is the work of archaeologists
and anthropologists who study
ancient bones important?
13. What effect did the invention of
tools have on early humans?
14. What are the 3 main ways that
animals were used in the process
of domestication during the New
Stone Age?
15. Why did people learn how to make
clothes and build shelters after
migrating out of Africa?
16. What kinds of things did early
people use fire for?
17. During which era did people begin
settling in new lands?
18. Describe a pit house.
19. Simple tools like _________________
were used for about 2 million
20. Land bridges allowed for ___________
Age people to move around the
21. By 9000 BC, people lived on all
continents except ______________.
World Civ.
22. Using large animals greatly
improved the ability of people to
Extended Response
(Must be written in complete
1. What was the chief difference in
everyday life that was brought
about by the development of
2. What do you think is the most
important advancement that was
made by early humans in the
Paleolithic Era (Old Stone Age)?
3. Explain in detail the sequence of
events that exposed the land
bridge between Asia and North
America. What was the main
result of this happening?
4. Explain 3 ways that early humans
adapted to their environments.
5. How and why did people begin to
settle down and stay in one place?