Correct the one error in the noun clause in each


Grammar and Editing for Writing/Shier Midterm 1: Sentence Structure and Clauses Name___________________ 50 points A.

Clause identification: subjects and verbs

(7 points= seven clauses) Instructions: Underline the subjects for each clause. Circle the verb for each clause. Draw an arrow which connects each subject to its verb. 1. Other findings in the survey underscore the degree to which the economy is weighing on college students. 2. We’re seeing the impact of not being able to get a summer job, and the importance of financial aid in choosing which college they’re going to attend. 3. Understanding and elaboration of new information received in a lecture prove difficult if you have other activities going on simultaneously, such as texting, which are competing for your attention.


Structure Analysis (4 points)

The negative influence of technology, including cell phones, e-mail, texting, the Internet, when it leads to multitasking is a hot topic, with mainstream books and scientific studies drawing attention to the performance-sucking potential, said Pisoni, who teaches a popular course each year about human memory. In his course, he wants students to understand the workings and limits of memory and the brain's ability to process information (very limited) so they can apply

what they've learned



they learn. Cramming, memorizing and rote learning is not the way to go.

Instructions: Answer the questions by using the paragraph above:


Rewrite the underlined phrase, as an adjective clause. including cell phones, e-mail, texting, the Internet, ________________________________________________________________________ 2.

Circle the verb which belongs to the subject, “The negative influence of technology.” 3.

Underline the word in the paragraph which has the meaning of “in order to, ” or “for the purpose of.” 4.

The clause, “what they’ve learned” is a (circle one  ):

adverb clause adjective clause noun clause


Find and correct the errors in the bolded sentences. This includes mistakes in: 

Error Correction (12 points -2 points each) adjective, adverb, noun clauses or phrases

incomplete sentences (missing words, wrong verb form, wrong punctuation)

1 error 1 error 1 error 1 error 1 error 1 error

The annual survey of freshmen is considered the most comprehensive because its size and longevity

. At the same time, the question asking students to rate their own emotional health compared with that of others is hard to assess, since it requires them to come up with their own definition of emotional health, and to make judgments of how they compare with their peers. “Most people probably think emotional health means, ‘Am I happy most of the time, and do I feel good about myself?’ so it probably correlates with mental health,”

said Dr. Mark Reed, the psychiatrist who he directs Dartmouth College’s counseling office. “I don’t think students who have an accurate sense of other people’s mental health,”

he added. “There’s a lot of pressure to put on a perfect face, and people often think they’re the only ones having trouble.” To some extent, students’ decline in emotional health may result from pressures they put on themselves.

While first-year students’ assessments of their emotional health were declining. Their ratings of their own drive to achieve, and academic ability, have been going up, and reached a record high in 2010, with about three-quarters saying they were above average. “Students know that their generation likely to be less successful than their parents’, so they feel more pressure to succeed than in the past,”

said Jason Ebbeling, director of residential education at Southern Oregon University. “

These days, students worry that even with a college degree, they won’t find a job that paying more than minimum wage,

so even at 15 or 16 they’re thinking they’ll need to get into an M.B.A. program or Ph.D. program.”


Multiple Choice. (10 points) Circle the correct answer. PAY ATTENTION TO MEANING!

1. In America, engineers are highly respected. ____________, the majority of engineering students in American universities come from other countries. a. Because c. Nevertheless b. So d. In spite of 2. ________________________ , Abraham Lincoln was the American President who served in the most difficult period of American history. a. Knowing for his honesty c. Known for his honesty b. Knew for his honesty d. To know for his honesty 3.___________________, Al Gore did not defeat George Bush and win the more important electoral vote. a. Due to winning the most votes c. Despite winning the most votes b Hence winning the most votes d. Because of winning the most votes 4. The use of fiber optics has increased the number and quality of electronic signals ______________ the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. a. which crossing c. crossing b. to across d. which across 5.__________________, John and Robert were roommates in Los Angeles. a. Before come to Portland c. Before came to Portland b. Before coming to Portland d. Since coming to Portland 6. Do you mind telling me, __________________________? a. what time is it c. what’s the time b. what time it is d. what is the time 7. Barak Obama, _________________ only 20 months as President, has already passed two important pieces of legislation. a. who serves c. has served b. having served d. whom served 8 ________________ as the highest paid basketball player in the world, Yao Ming is not expected to help his team win many games this year. a Knowing c Having known b. Having knew d. Known 9. In Malaysia, unmarried people who plan to marry within six months, are required to attend classes ______________to help them have an enduring relationship. a. which design c. designing b. design d. designed 10. ___________ David and John are both concerned about the environment and pollution, neither one is willing to use a bicycle rather than drive a car. a. Despite c. While b. Because d. Since


From the post-tests in Unit 6 (17 points)

Fill in each blank with the correct relative (adjective) pronoun (e. g., who, whom, which, that, whose, where, when).


On our campus, the student recreation center is the place _________________ students like to go to work out. 2.

The author ________________ novel we have read in our book club will be visiting our town next month. 3.

Former President Bill Clinton, ______________________ served for two terms, became active in humanitarian issues. 4.

The professor has set new office hours for the times ________________ we can go to get help with assignments.

Correct the mistake with the adverbial clause in each sentence.

You may have to add or delete words or punctuation.


Although many immigrants would like to learn English, but it is difficult for them to do so if they are working seven days a week. 2.

When we will have more adult classes, more parents will start learning English. 3.

Because of he wants to get a better job, my neighbor, Mr. Chan, is going to adult school to learn English.

Correct the one error in the noun clause in each sentence.


I wonder what will the instructor cover in the next lecture.


The store manager said that she will give me a refund for my defective ink cartridge.


The pharmacist advises that Steven takes the medicine with a glass of water.


The teacher could not find he was looking for.


We cannot forget about that we have to attend Sheila’s going-away party.

Connecting Ideas/Sentences. Decide whether each sentence is correct (C) or incorrect (I). If the sentence is incorrect, make the correction.


____ Many students like to take trips during vacations however that takes time and money. 2.

_____My mother takes language classes on Fridays, exercise classes on Mondays. 3.

_____They could buy neither coffee nor milk because the store was closed. 4.

_____My sister is an accountant, she is very busy during tax time. 5.

_____ Despite I enjoy travelling, I won’t be taking any trips this summer.