How you can help me to succeed in school

How you can help me to succeed in school
Get Involved
 Let me know that you expect me to cooperate with
others in school and to do well.
Encourage Me
 Let me know that homework is important.
 Encourage me to attend school regularly
and on time.
 Praise my efforts and achievements.
 Ask me regularly what I’ve learned in school and listen
to my response.
 Encourage me to take up an interest
outside school e.g. drama, music, sport.
 Make sure I keep a good balance between schoolwork,
rest and leisure time. Limit after-school jobs.
 Encourage me to read - comics, novels,
newspapers etc. and to use school and
public libraries.
 Contact my school if you are concerned about me.
 Be a role model for me - Attend a class or course or
take up a hobby, and read at home, then share with
me what you’re
 Attend Parent/Teacher meetings and other school
events that you are invited to.
Encourage me to attend a college course
after completing my Leaving Certificate.
Young people believe that they can do better in school
when they know that their families are interested in their
schoolwork and expect them to succeed.