Bookwork OptionConnecting properties of water to its structure and

Connecting properties of water to its structure and everyday situations
Answer the following in your notebook.
1. How does the structure of water molecules cause hydrogen bonding to occur?
2. Why is water a polar molecule?
3. Explain the role of hydrogen bonds in each of these characteristics of water:
a. High specific heat
b. High heat of vaporization (evaporative cooling)
c. Solubility
d. Cohesion
e. Adhesion
4. Write the chemical equation for water.
5. Draw a Stick model of a water molecule
6. Sketch a space filling model of a water molecule, show polarity by label positive and negatively charged regions
of the molecule.
7. How is a water molecule like a magnet?
8. What causes surface tension in water?
9. Give an example that you observed of surface tension.
10. Define cohesion in your own words. Give an example.
11. Define Adhesion in your own words. Give an Example.
12. How does water get to the leaves in the tops of the tallest trees against the force of gravity? Name property
responsible for this and explain how it works.
13. Why do humans sweat and dogs pant? Explain the purpose and the reason it is effective.
14. Why does Ice Float on water?
15. Identify the characteristic(s) of water involved in each situation:
a. Colored water moves up a stalk of
celery placed in the jar of water.
b. A runner sweats during a long race.
c. You read the meniscus in a graduated
d. A paperclip is floating on a cup of
e. Your blood does not boil when you
have a fever.
f. A hard working laborer drinks a
Gatorade on a hot day.
g. A lake takes months of cold weather
to freeze over.
h. A patient with a fever is given a
sponge bath.
i. Water beads up on your freshly
waxed car.
j. You take a calcium pill for strong
Characteristic(s) of Water
Explanation of Your Choice