Air Pollution

Air Pollution
The air that we all breathe in contains
substances that can be harmful on our
health and the environment. Air
pollution includes ozone, oxides of
nitrogen, ammonia, sulphur dioxide,
carbon monoxide and particulate
matter such as dust.
Now days the main threat to clean air
comes from car and road vehicle. Cars
burn petrol and diesel, giving polluted
air like nitrogen oxides. These can
cause problems for people, wildlife
and the environment. Power stations
and some industrial processes also
produce sulphur dioxide and nitrogen
oxides among other pollutions.
Polluted air can cause problems for
people who have lung and heart
diseases. Some particles in air
pollution are known to cause cancer.
Children and older people are at risk.
If your health is good, the normal
levels of air pollution in the UK are
unlikely to cause you any problems.
When people breathe in polluted air,
very small particles can get into their
lungs and cause breathing problems.
By: Ziyad Ibrahim
Over time this can lead to heart and
lung diseases. Lead is a substance
that can have a huge impact to the
body parts like the kidneys, heart, and
brain. Lead in petrol has been reduced
bit it still released in to the air by the
industries and coal power stations.
This affects the children and their
functions more than it affects the
adults. Air quality in the UK is now
good, but there are still sometimes
high levels of pollution in some areas.
To prevent this pollution, the
government should control the
industries that are producing toxic and
chemical gas. In a way we can all help
the reduction of air pollution, we could
walk or ride a bike to schools and not
come with our cars, which is field with
all the toxic materials that can be
exposed to the fresh air that we all
breathe in.
The data below shows the percentage
of air pollution being caused in each
sector in the UK
Industrial combustion
Non industrial combustion
Production Processes
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