1. Overexposure to sun-rays

Coloring or pigmentation is a disorder of the skin which affects your skin color. A
pigmentation disorder may either affect the entire body or just a few skin patches.
Main causes of pigmentation
There are 3 external factors that cause pigmentation of the skin.
1. Overexposure to sun-rays: The UV-A and UV-B rays of sunlight can harm the
skin’s cellular mechanism, making it thick, dry and coarse.
2. Use of spurious cosmetics: Many low quality, colored make-up products contain
certain pigments which cause patchy pigmentation.
3. Oral medication: Many birth control pills play havoc with the body’s hormonal
system and can cause spot pigmentation on the skin.
The good news is that possible treatment options to lighten or improve pigmentation.
There are many “lightening” products available- some of the most effective ones are
available only through doctors.
Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion( Face £60 )
A pain free, mechanical exfoliation using diamond tips to reduce Pigmentation,
Wrinkles, Scarring and Open Pores.
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Our dermal fillers can be used anywhere on the face to smooth away wrinkles &
enhance the appearance of the skin.
PeriOrbital Dermal Fillers For Revolumisation of:
- Tear Trough
- Palpebromalar groove
- Periorbital wrinkles