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Introduction to Waves
Guided Notes
What is a wave?
How are waves classified?
What is a medium? Define and give three examples.
Define mechanical waves.
Define electromagnetic waves.
Label the wave structure
Define the terms of the wave structure.
o Amplitude:
o What does amplitude indicate and determine?
o Wavelength:
o What does wavelength determine?
Draw & Label the Frequency and Amplitude Diagrams
High Frequency Wave
Low Frequency Wave
Low Amplitude Wave
High Amplitude Wave
o Velocity:
o How is velocity measured?
o Frequency:
o What are Hertz and how are
they measured?
o Period:
What is the pulse?
What is a vibration?
Define or draw a diagram and give an example of the three types of
mechanical waves.
o Longitudinal:
o Transverse:
o Surface: