Light Objectives

What you need to know about LIGHT – Chapters 27-31
Light Test #1
Chapter 27 – Light
Compare and contrast the different parts of the EM spectrum in terms of wavelength, frequency,
energy, and relate them to phenomena and applications.
Terms: photon, electromagnetic wave, infrared, ultraviolet, ray, electromagnetic spectrum
Describe properties of waves, relations among them and they change when waves move from one
medium to another.
Terms: light year, transparent, opaque, shadow, penumbra, umbra, polarization
Light Test #1
Chapter 29 – Reflection and Refraction
Terms: reflection, normal, angle of incidence, angle of reflection, refraction, mirage, dispersion, critical
angle, total internal reflection, optical fiber, law of reflection, diffuse reflection
Light Test #1
Chapter 31 – Diffraction and Interference
Terms: diffraction, incoherent, coherent, laser, monochromatic
Light Test #2
Chapter 28 – Color
Terms: spectrum, white light, pigment, scattering
Light Test #2
Chapter 30 – Lenses
Construct ray diagrams and use thin lens and mirror equations to locate images formed by lenses and
Terms: lens, converging lens, convex lens, diverging lens, concave lens, principal axis, focal point, focal
plane, focal length, real image, ray diagram
C, speed of light in vacuum, 3 x 108 m/s
Nanometer, nm = 10 -9 m
E = hf
h = 6.63 x 10 -34 Js
angstrom = 10 -10 m
sin ic = 1/n 1/f = 1/do + 1/di M = hi/do = -di/do
C = f
 = d sin / n
Critical angle, ic  sin ic
= 1/n
n = cvac/csub= sin I / sin r