Typhoon Haiyan`s toll: More than 1800 dead

Typhoon Haiyan
Typhoons are tropical storms most commonly occurring in the regions of the
Indian or Western Pacific Ocean. Cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes, both are a
mass of air that spirals in a low-pressure center. Typhoons and hurricanes differ in
locations, typhoons take place in the west Pacific and hurricanes occur in the
Atlantic and Eastern Pacific ocean. Both of the cyclones turn clockwise in the
southern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere. Hurricanes
happen around 10-15 times a year, but typhoons happen to be more frequent with
about 25-30 every year. Both of them result in heavy winds, floods, storm surges,
lots of rain, and tornadoes.
Typhoon Haiyan’s path
Typhoon Haiyan’s size
Article #1
Typhoon Haiyan leaves 1,774 dead, 'hideous' destruction
The people in the Philippines are having trouble caring for those who are still
alive after the typhoon and they are also having trouble disposing of the dead bodies
caused by countless fallen buildings. Around 1,774 people lost their lives after the
storm, and 2,487 more have been severely injured. More than a half of a million
people have been torn from their homes. The estimated death toll is currently
10,000 people. The troops and other aid trying to assist the people in the Philippines
are dealing with blocked roads and are having trouble getting to victims. The United
Nations is contributing $25 million dollars, $4 million from the European Union, and
$16 million from the British. These donations will be helpful to the Philippines; it’s
just a matter of how fast the organizations and countries can get aid to the people in
need. The storm is slowly moving on into Vietnam. The damage in Vietnam will not
be nearly as severe as the damage in the Philippines, but they will suffer some
flooding and landslides.
Article #2
Typhoon Haiyan's toll: More than 1,800 dead
The people in the Philippines are crying out for help; these people are in desperate need
of food and water, but there is a delay on aid. A lot of the deceased bodies still remain in
the streets of the flatten towns. People are anxious and scared they may not survive if
they don’t seek help soon. People are beginning to steal from local grocery stores, but
shop owners are fighting to the death to keep their belongings. The number of people
dead grew up to 1,883 and at least 84 people are missing. There were two United States
citizens found dead in the ruble. One man named Chow lost his entire family, but he did
manage to find their bodies buried deep in the mess left from the storm. They currently
are running 993 evacuation centers, housing around 286,000 people. 29 nations and
government groups are contributing to the aid needed in the Philippines. The Pentagon
ordered several marine troops have been sent to aid the people in the Philippines. These
times are obviously very hard and because of all of the road blocks, the people trying to
aid are having much difficulty getting to the wounded.