Business Idea

Business Idea
Cylindrical Toothbrush
November, 2010
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Cylindrical Toothbrush Business Idea
The best and the suggested way of cleaning your teeth!
Teeth care and oral health are one of the important parts of our health. People all around the world
become more aware of teeth care and as a result tooth brush industry is getting bigger by the time.
There are different brushing styles used by people for cleaning teeth. However, when we ask dentists
about the best way of brushing our teeth, we may get surprised. The best way of brushing teeth is
neither horizontal (right-left direction) nor oral (circular direction) brushing. Because both ways of
brushing damage the gingival since the brush is used against the gingival in some part. Dentists, at the
other side, suggest separate brushing directions for upper and lower teeth. They suggest: when
brushing upper teeth, up-to-down direction; and when brushing lower teeth, down-to-up direction.
Unfortunately, using regular tooth brushes, this way of brushing is not feasible. Our cylindrical
toothbrush is an exact solution for better and best way of tooth brushing.
Cylindrical toothbrush is an automatic brush which contains an engine and a cylindrical brush design.
The simple idea can be seen in following picture:
The engine is used to turn the brush in cylindrical direction. It contains a button switch to change the
turning direction. The brush is situated in a shield to prevent the brush touching the uraniscus. The
brush can be replaceable to allow adults and children use different type of brushes. It even allows
people to use customized versions of brushes.
By using our cylindrical tooth brush, people can easily and very quickly clean their teeth in the best way
that dentists suggest.
The market: the entire world, any people!
The cylindrical tooth brush targets everyone around the world who cares their teeth. Teeth care
education starts very early in childhood and holds importance until very old ages. It doesn’t make
difference for different countries or different races, everyone needs it!
The marketing strategy
There is a huge market possibility for cylindrical toothbrush. All of the countries in which the regular
toothbrushes are sold, is a candidate market place for this product and it is almost all the world.
Therefore the marketing strategy must cover all the possible challenges that can be faced. Different
countries have different business models, different regulations and also different cultures. The
developed marketing strategy must take into account that differences.
Secondly, most of the time, for a new-to-market product, the best way of entering the market is
entering everywhere at the same time. For our case, it is another obstacle to enter many countries at
the same time. It not only requires huge amount of money but also very detailed and qualified plans. For
this reason, it may not be realistic for a medium sized company, to enter all countries at the same time.
We may also consider sharing total possible income by contracting with some third party companies in
some countries.