1.2 Chemistry Far and Wide

1. Identify some areas of research affected by chemistry
2. Describe some examples of research in chemistry
3. Distinguish between macroscopic and microscopic views
I. Materials
A. Designing Materials
1. George de Mestral  Burrs to ???
a. Macroscopic – large enough to see with the
unaided eye.
-Stuck to clothing
b. Microscopic – objects that can only be seen
under magnification.
II. Energy
A. Conserve, produce, and store Energy
1. Conservation
a. Insulation – prevents flow of energy
2. Production
a. Fossil Fuels
b. Alternative Energy Resources
-plants, wind, solar...???
3. Storage
a. Batteries
V. The Environment and Universe
A. Keep planet and universe healthy
1. Identify Pollutants
a. Lead
b. Nitrogen Dioxide (Acid Rain)
2. Prevent Pollution
a. Inform public
b. Alternative ideas
3. Analyze Data and Material
a. Water on Mars???
III. Medicine and Biotechnology
A. Improve quality of life
1. Medicines
a. Treat conditions
b. Safety
2. Materials
a. Artificial body parts
3. Biotechnology
a. Gene therapy
IV. Agriculture
A. Productivity and Protection of Crops
1. Crop Productivity
a. Population is increasing
b. Demand for food increases
c. Jellyfish gene
2. Crop Protection
a. Specific Chemical Warfare
b. Tomato plants and Pinworms
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