DECTRIS PILATUS Hybrid Pixel Detectors receive Red Dot Award

DECTRIS PILATUS Hybrid Pixel Detectors receive
Red Dot Award for Product Design
Essen, Germany, April 2014: The DECTRIS PILATUS Hybrid Pixel
Detector family receives the yearly Red Dot Product Design award.
Together with its longterm partner Erdmann Design, DECTRIS
developed the industrial design of the PILATUS detectors, which are
installed into X-ray diffraction systems and at synchrotron beamlines.
The advanced functionality combined with the design convinced the
jury to distinguish the detector with the Red Dot award for Product
Clemens Schulze-Briese, (CSO at DECTRIS): ”At DECTRIS we strive
hard to develop and built the best possible X-ray detectors. For us,
quality covers all aspects and every detail of our products, including
their design. We were really delighted when we received the
information that we won the Red Dot Award! This shows us, that even
in the high-tech area product design plays an important role for the
Corresponding to their slogan “In search of excellence” the jury was
searching for innovative product designs. 1,816 manufacturers,
designers and architects from 53 different countries sent their products
to the design center in Germany. During several days the forty
members of the jury selected the best designs from 4,815 applications.
All winners will be celebrated at the 7th of July at the Red Dot Gala in
Essen, Germany.
About DECTRIS Ltd.
DECTRIS Ltd. is a technology leader in X-ray detection. Our photon
counting detectors have transformed basic research at synchrotron
light sources, in the laboratory as well as in industrial X-Ray
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applications. DECTRIS aims to continuously improve the measurement
quality, thereby enabling new scientific findings. The broad range of
products is based on this pioneering technology, all scaled to meet the
needs of various applications. DECTRIS also provides solutions for
customer developments in scientific and industrial X-Ray detection.
DECTRIS was awarded the 2010 Swiss Economic Award in the HighTech Biotech category, the most prestigious prize for start-up
companies in Switzerland.
About Erdmann Design
Erdmann Design is an international design consultancy that helps
companies create meaningful ideas, designs, and experiences that
customers crave. We are driven by an obsession for understanding
people, brands and technology. Formulating cultural and user insights,
mapping opportunity spaces through strategic frameworks, and
expressing compelling solutions are our strengths.
Rather than asking us to make an already developed idea more
attractive to consumers, companies are asking us to create ideas that
better meet consumer needs and desires. The former role is tactical,
and results in limited value creation, the latter is strategic and leads to
dramatically new forms of value. The impulse for a new idea comes
often from an individual that wonders about the future.
About Red Dot Award
The Product Design competition has existed since 1954. Its award, the
Red Dot, is an internationally recognised quality seal. The best
products receive the Red Dot: Best of the Best award.
For more information please contact Marcus Mueller at,
DECTRIS Ltd., Neuenhofer Strasse 107, 5400 Baden, Switzerland,
Neuenhoferstrasse 107
5400 Baden
Phone +41 56 500 21 00
+41 56 500 21 01