Me as a learner

Sheaffer 1
Breanna Sheaffer
Robin Yaure
4 September 2013
Myself As A Learner
I would definitely qualify myself as a visual learner. During class I find myself paying
attention the most when a teacher writes something on the board and then demonstrates what
they just wrote, or elaborates more on what was just written. When a teacher stands in front of
the class with a monotone voice, and doesn’t take the time to write anything on the board I find
myself not paying attention or grasping any of the ideas. I like to learn in an encouraging
environment. Especially in any math or science class, I need a teacher who is very patient. I
don’t like to learn in an environment that I feel pressured or intimidated to answer a question in
class. I feel I also work best when a classroom environment is an open classroom for questions
and discussions. The only time I like a classroom to be completely silent is when we’re taking
tests or a teacher is talking. I like when teachers allow students to talk and discuss what they
have just learned so they can process and understand something better. I learn the subject matter
of a class better when I can rely on my teacher as well as my peers for understanding of a class.
I like group work during class, but in college group projects outside of class are harder to do
because everyone has different class schedules. I am the kind of learner that will take charge in a
group project. I can also learn well in being a follower in a group setting. I like to learn from
hearing other people’s point of views and being able to learn from their opinion as well as my
As a learner, I am very eager. I want to be a teacher when I am older so I am always very
excited to learn to things. I like to use the motto “you learn something new everyday.” There
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are so many things to learn, and I am very eager to learn something new each day. I am the kind
of learner who likes to participate. When I can raise my hand and answer a question in class, I
feel successful as a learner. When it comes to math and science I am a persistent learner. I
struggle with these two subjects and want to receive an answer. As a learner I struggle when I
can’t find the end result that works best for a problem. As a learner I always strive to find the
right answer, even if there truly isn’t one. I like to learn and will continue to broaden my
learning spectrum as I get older.
I think how I am as a learner will reflect how I will be a teacher in many ways. I want to
create a fun loving classroom for my students. I want bright colors, posters and encouraging
things all over my classroom. I want my students to feel confident in my class to ask any
question and learn in a fun environment. I want my students to feel comfortable in my
classroom. Any time they have a question I want them to feel confident in asking me anything.
As a teacher I will be very hands-on with my students. I will constantly be thinking of new ways
for students to understand something by demonstrating in the front of the classroom. I feel as a
teacher I will also learn from my experienced peers around me to see what has worked for their
students. I want to experiment with different ways of teaching to see how the dynamic of my
classroom will work. I think as a teacher, especially in the first couple years there are going to
be a lot of things that aren’t going to work in the classroom. As a teacher I will learn what things
really work and what things fail. I want to be open to many different experiences and I want to
learn and reflect from all of them.
Being a teacher I will also constantly be learning. Each year I will have a new group of
students, with different abilities and ways of learning. As their teacher, I need to try and come
up with ways of how I can teach them to the best of my ability. The minds of children are so
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new and innocent and I want to be a positive light in their learning experience. For some
students school is their favorite place to be, because it’s the environment they feel safest in. I
want to be a patient and understanding teacher to my students. Each student has a different mind
and they all learn in their own special ways. Being a teacher you have to be the one to help the
students learn, and find what ways students learn best. To conclude, being a teacher will be
challenging but I know that I will learn something new each day.