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Please study for _____________________ test. Five points extra credit will be given if these papers
are returned with a parent’s signature verifying that you studied.
Things to know for CHAPTER 6 TEST:
Vocabulary-Fill in the blank with a word bank
 Democracy-a government run by the people
 Election-choosing something or someone by voting is done by holding this
 Ferry-a place where boats carry people and goods across a river or narrow body of water, or the
boat itself
 Frontier-the edge of the settled part of a country, or a new land
 Heirloom-a family possession handed down from generation to generation
 Loom-a frame or machine used for weaving cloth
 Nun-a woman who devotes her life to religion and who lives under religious vows
 Plow-a farm tool that is usually pulled and that cuts and turns over the soil
 Quilt-a bed covering made of two layers of material with a filling of wool, cotton, or feathers
Fill in the blanks without a word bank
 Two separate cabins with a connecting roof was a dogtrot cabin.
 A covered breezeway was cooler than the inside of the house in the summertime.
 The furniture was mostly homemade, although one or two pieces of good furniture were
sometimes brought with them.
 People wanted to move to Missouri because of cheap land and rich soil.
 The first pioneers looked for land that had trees growing on it.
 Early pioneers cut notches in logs for their cabins so that they would not need to use nails.
Matching with a word bank
 Bible- this was often the only book a pioneer family had
 Camp meetings- these were large outdoor religious meetings
 Candles- these were made from animal fat
 Circuit riders- these were traveling ministers
 Dried- fruits and vegetables had this done to preserve them
 Rose Duchesne- started a school for white, black, and Indian children
 East- the U.S. government moved several Indian tries to Missouri from here
 Flax- pioneer women made cloth from this
 Oxen- pioneers used this for transportation
 Salt- this was used to cure meat
 West- later some Indian tribes were moved farther in this direction
Short answer
You will have two short answer essay questions to answer on the test. You will be allowed to use
your book, but you will need to be able to look up the information on your own and answer the questions
using complete sentences.