Contact Information:
Office Address:
Brooklyn College, CUNY
Department of Chemistry
2900 Bedford Ave, 355 NE
Brooklyn, NY 11210
Phone: (718) 951-5000 ext. 18819
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
City University of New York's Graduate School and University Center
Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry 2010-Present
Brooklyn College (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY
Master of Arts in Chemistry
Brooklyn College (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY
Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology 2002-2009
Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry
Professional Experience:
Research Experience
Graduate Student (Advisor: Dr. Maria Contel) Fall 2008 – Present
Department of Chemistry, Brooklyn College (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY
 PhD project: Synthesis of inorganic and organometallic luminescent gold-based compounds as
potential anticancer and antimicrobial agents. Preparation and characterization of ligands and
metallic complexes. Studies of their luminescent properties and interactions with biomolecular
targets (DNA and selected transport and mitochondrial proteins) by a variety of spectroscopic
methods. Studies of the stability of compounds over time in solution by 31P NMR spectroscopy
 Masters Project: Use of gold compounds for the catalytic hydrogenation of organic compounds.
 Responsible for training and supervising undergraduate students.
Laboratory Skills
 Synthetic Organic chemistry (syntheses, crystallization, extraction, distillation).
 Synthetic Inorganic/Organometallic chemistry (air-free synthesis by conventional schlenk
techniques and use of a double glove box, column chromatography).
 Instrumental analysis (multinuclear 1D and 2D VT NMR, FTIR, UV-Vis, Fluorescence meter,
GC, GC/MS,).
Undergraduate Researcher (Advisor: Dr. Sophia Perdikaris) Fall 2003 -2005
Department of Anthropology, Brooklyn College (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY
 REU Candidate (Research Experience for Undergraduate), Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 in
Zooarchaeology lab concerning analyzing Icelandic fish remains from Akurvík and Gjogur.
 The focus of the research was to analyze fish bones from Iceland that included species
identification, identification of the parts of the fish skeleton an analyzing age of the fish.
Field Schools:
 Summer Field School June 2004 in New York City, Marines Park
 Summer Field School July 2004 in Iceland
Teaching Experience
Teaching Assistant (GK-12 “City As Lab” Project) Fall 2011-Present
It Takes a Village Academy (ITAVA), Brooklyn, NY
 Responsible for preparing lectures and worksheets for high school students.
 Helping the teacher to conduct lesson.
 Supervising high school students on various projects and field trips.
Adjunct Faculty (General Chemistry 1 Laboratory) Spring 2010
Department of Chemistry, Brooklyn College (CUNY), Brooklyn, NY
 Responsible for preparing syllabus and lectures for various laboratory experiments.
 Conduct laboratory experiments.
 Prepare and grade laboratory quizzes and reports for students.
Proctor and grade examinations
Computer Skills:
Microsoft Office, ChemDraw and C++ (basic)
Presentation Boot Camp, CUNY, Brooklyn College, November 19-20, 2011
Awards/ Scholarships/Fellowship:
 National Science Foundation GK-12 Teaching Fellowship, 2011- Present
 Irving Feldman Memorial Award, 2011
 CUNY Science Scholarship, 2010-2011
 Robert Ginell Memorial Award, 2010
 Masters Summer Research Award, Chemistry Department, Brooklyn College 2010
 Research Foundation of the City University of New York, 2003-2004
 American Chemical Society (ACS), 2011-present
Poster Presentations:
 Younger Chemists Committee Symposium, March 2011, NYC
 ACS Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting, MARM, May 2011, College Park, Maryland
Marie Curie Nobel Centennial Symposium, November 2011
 Malgorzata Frik, Josefina Jiménez, Ismael Gracia, Larry R. Falvello, Sarya Abi-Habib,
Karina Suriel, Theodore R. Muth, and María Contel, ‘Luminescent Di and Polynuclear
Organometallic Gold(I)-M (Au2, {Au2Ag}n and {Au2Cu}n) Compounds Containing Bidentate
Phosphanes as Active Antimicrobial Agents’, Chem. Eur. J. 2012,18, 3659.
 Colin Amundsen, Sophia Perdikaris, Thomas H. McGovern, Yekaterina Krivogorskaya,
Matthew Brown, Konrad Smiarowski, Shaye Storm, Salena Modugno, Malgorzata Frik,
Monica Koczela, ‘Fishing Booths and Fishing Strategies in Medieval Iceland: an Archaeofauna
from the of Akurvík, North-West Iceland’, Association for Environmental Archeology Journal,
Vol 10.2, 2005
 Colin Amundsen, Sophia Perdikaris, Matthew Brown, Yekaterina Krivogorskaya, Salena
Modugno, , Konrad Smiarowski, Shaye Storm, Malgorzata Frik, Monica Koczela, Thomas
H. McGovern, ‘A 15th c Archaeofauna from Akurvík, an early Fishing Station in NW Iceland’,
CUNY Northern Science and Education Center, NORSEC Laboratory Report Number 15, 2004