CHS Classroom Grant Application

$1,500 CHS Classroom Grant Available
Due: September 15, 2015
Thank you for your interest in applying for one of the five CHS/National Agriculture in the Classroom's
Classroom Grants. The $1,500 grants will be awarded to kindergarten through 12th grade core education
teachers whose innovative classroom projects use agricultural concepts to teach reading, writing, math,
nutrition, science and/or social studies. The deadline for grant proposals is September 15, 2015. Recipients will
be notified by email on or before October 1, 2015.
Grant Requirements:
The CHS Classroom Grant Program is designed to fund projects that will educate K-12 students about the
importance of agriculture and allow teachers to use agricultural concepts to teach core subject areas. Those who
receive one of the five grants will be required to use at least two lesson plans from the National Agricultural
Literacy Curriculum Matrix or two lesson plans from a state Agriculture in the Classroom program. In addition,
grant proposals must demonstrate how local farmers, ranchers or agriculture industry representatives will be
involved in the project. Grant reviewers will use this CHS Grant Rubric. CHS will highlight the winning
classroom grants at its annual meeting in December 2016.
Grant proposals must be submitted online by midnight (PST) September 15, 2015.
Awards will be announced via email October 1, 2015
A final report due to the National Agriculture in the Classroom Organization by June 1, 2016.
Eligible Applicants:
Certified, core academic teachers engaged in classroom instruction at the kindergarten through 12th grade level
who wish to use agricultural concepts to teach core subject areas and enhance students' understanding of
Funding Guidelines:
Five $1,500 grants will be awarded – one in the Southern Region, one in the Eastern Region, one in the
Western Region and two in the Central Region of the U.S.
Grant money for school gardens can be used to purchase the following items:
o Seeds (fruits and vegetables)
o Soil
o Plants (fruits and vegetables)
o Fertilizer
o Raised bed materials
o Greenhouse materials
o Hydroponics materials
o Irrigation/watering system materials
Grant money can be used for animal science projects involving embryology, aquaculture or ranchrelated projects, field trips or farm tours.
Grant money cannot be used for salary or compensation.
Grant money cannot be used for clothing, promotional items or giveaway items.
Grant check will be made payable to the school, not to an individual.
Grant checks not cashed within 60 days after receipt will become null and void.
Grant Requirements:
K-12 students must be directly involved in project.
Use of lessons from the National Agricultural Literacy Curriculum Matrix and/or state Agriculture in the
Classroom programs must be described in the application and final report. Teachers will be asked to
demonstrate the use of these lessons by completing a ‘Lesson Plan Reflection' that describes the number
of instructional hours and students involved, the type of teaching strategies used, additional activities
presented and evidence that students understood the objectives of the lesson plan at the end of the
A budget outline and timeline must be included with your application.
Some amount of in‐kind or monetary contributions must be secured before receiving the grant.
A final report is due to National Agriculture in the Classroom no later than June 1, 2016. Photos will be
required in the submission and signed photo release forms must be included.
CHS Classroom Grant Application
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