Statistics and Probability Review Guide 05/12/2014 Define

Statistics and Probability Review Guide
1) Define Experimental Probability.
2) Define Theoretical Probability.
3) In a short paragraph describe the difference between Experimental and Theoretical Probability.
4) 16 people run a 100 meter race. Find the mean, median, and mode of the data set. Then make a
box-and-whisker plot of their times. Is there and outlier in the data and how do you know?
Data set: Time in seconds
23, 21, 42, 15, 16, 11, 13, 17, 17, 18, 23, 19, 12 13, 15, 16
5) Build a Stem-and-Leaf plot with regard to the distances each biker biked in 3 days.
99, 210, 87, 114, 57, 98, 63, 157, 205, 157, 157
6) Think back to our penny experiment and the dice experiment. Explain why at times you had
streaks of a number on the dice or of heads or tails. What happens to the streaks over time?
Does the Experimental probability become more and less like the Theoretical probability, and
why or why not?
7) Why do Casinos win over time?
8) Explain outlier samples. How does the concept of outlier samples relate to our Rock Study in
class? What happens to outlier samples as they are averaged with other samples. Does it
become more or less like the larger population. How does this relate to Experimental and
Theoretical Probability?
9) There are two groups of math students. You are part of the first group which has 8 people in it.
The second group has 7 people in it. Your friend is in the second group. From the group of 8 two
people will attend a math competition and one person from the group of 7 will be selected.
Construct a model to answer the questions below:
a) What is the chance that you and your best friend from the other group will both be chosen
to go?
b) What is the chance that only one of you will be chosen?
c) What is the chance that at least one of you will be chosen?
10) Think back to the Monty Hall problem. Was it better to stay, swap or did it not matter?
Construct a model to explain your thinking.
11) Compare and contrast the MAD (Mean Absolute Deviation of the following test scores from
three different schools. Write a short paragraph.
School 1: 50, 70, 90
School 2: 30, 50, 70
School 3: 90, 90, 85