Box Under My Bed

Box Under My Bed
I have a shoebox under my bed, this shoebox contains what depicts me and describes
me, and the box is kept in a corner under my bed, hence the dust.
The objects inside the box are things that make me up, a picture of a large white
wakeboard, a block of Lego, a small circuit a light green feather, and a book.
I find all these things depict me, each is unique and different, for me these things are
special and are close to me.
The picture of the wake board is mine, I learned to wake late last year and love it, it
also emphasises my love for water, I like wakeboarding because it gives me a bit of a
rush, but coming off at the wrong angle can be…… catastrophic.
The small Lego brick is because Lego is creative and I love using to build things, like
some days ill wake up with a great idea for I little building , and I build it out of Lego
and make designs for a larger construct based on the Lego.
The small circuit board was my first ever, although it was simple it was an
accomplishment for me.
The green feather is from my Parakeet Emit, I like talking to him and he chirps and
squawks back, although he can get agitated and a bit… Nippy, he is my favourite
Alexandrine parakeet by far.
A book was placed in the box because it is a book I love and it is a connection to the
fact I love reading, I find reading helps me to cool off if agitated, or it just gives me
something to do.
Those were the things that, were in the shoebox under my bed, they paint a picture of
me, and express me.