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Jerry Lee Jackson Jr.
Memorial Scholarship
Miami County Cattlemen’s
Jerry Lee Jackson Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Eligibility: Must be a graduating senior or currently in a secondary education or trade school program.
Must still be actively showing in 4-H and have at least one of the following projects this year: beef
breeding, feeder calf, market steer/heifer or dairy beef feeder.
Applications are due (received or postmarked by) June 30, 2015. Applications received or postmarked
after June 30th will not be accepted. Mail completed application to: Miami County Cattlemen’s
Association, PO Box 386, Tipp City, OH 45371.
Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________ Email Address: ________________________
Date of Birth: _________________ Age: _____________
Number of years in 4-H: ____________
High School GPA: _______________ College GPA: _________________________
College or University plan to attend: _____________________________________
Proposed occupation or profession: _________________________________________
Field of Study: _____________________________________
Have you been accepted? _______________________
You must attach a copy of you high school transcript or, if unavailable last received report card.
Please answer the following questions in an essay format:
What types of livestock have you shown in your 4-H career and for how many years?
What projects will you be showing this year?
What have you learned during your time showing cattle? How has it prepared you for the future?
What is one of the best memories you will take with you from your years in 4-H?
Jerry Lee was known for his sincere personality and constant smile. What characteristics or traits would
others say best describe you and make you deserving of this scholarship in his memory?
Explain why you would like to receive this scholarship, how you plan to use it and how it would
contribute to your future education.
Member’s Signature: ______________________________________ Date: ________________
4-H Advisor’s Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ________________
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