Activity for 1-11

CEA – Wastewater Management and Runoff
Activity 2.3.10 Wastewater Management
Please use the 2.3.10.AWastewater Management Power Point in the LMS to answer the following
1. Slide3:
Why must the wastewater must be properly managed to protect human and environmental
health and safety?
2. What might residential wastewater have in it?
3. What might commercial wastewater have in it?
4. Is wastewater safe to drink?______Why or Why not?____
5. Slide 4:
What type of wastewater can be reused and what can it be used for?
6. Slide 5:
What is a closed-loop system?
Give an example:
7. What is wastewater reclamation?
8. Slide 7:
What is POTW?
What does it do?
9. Slides 9,10,11:
What is the minimum diameter of a residential pipe?
Is this for all the pipes?
10. What is the minimum sewer lateral slope?
11. Please study slides 12,13 and 14 and read the note section of each slide.
These are very important slides and you will find a question from these slides on the final.
How do you determine slope?
What is crown elevation?
What does OD stand for?
12. Slide17:
What percent of septic systems fail annually?
What happens when a septic system fails?
13. Slide 19:
A conventional septic system consists of these components:
14. Slide 21 and 22:
Describe how a septic system works.
15. Slide 22:
What is a percolation test?
16. Slide 23:
Why do septic systems fail?
Activity 2.3.11 Calculating Property Drainage
Slide 3:
Where does storm water go?
2. Slide 4:
What does site development include?
Why is site development important to storm water runoff?
3. Slide 5:
Why is storm water Management important?
4. Slide 6:
The Watershed Characteristics affecting runoff are?
5. Slide 7:
To calculate the impact of development on storm water runoff, What must you
6. Slide 8:
What is the rational formula for runoff and what does each item mean?
7. Slide 9:
What does the recurrence adjustment mean?
8. Slide 16-26:
Go through example problem, step by step- note what happens when there are
multiple surfaces to take into consideration for the calculations.
What formula do you need to use to calculate the composite runoff coefficient?
9. Slide27:
What are ways to reduced storm water runoff?
10. Slide 28:
What are ways to earn LEED credit by reducing storm water runoff to a site?