AMERICAN SYMBOLS PROJECT Due Date: Friday, November 14

Due Date: Friday, November 14, 2014
In Social Studies we are learning about our government and various American
Symbols including the White House, the American Flag, the Liberty Bell, the
Pledge of Allegiance, the Star-Spangled Banner, the Statue of Liberty, the Bald
Eagle, Uncle Sam, Mount Rushmore, the Washington Monument, the United
States Capital, and the Great Seal.
The project your child will undertake will be to create their own representation of
one of these symbols. This can be done as a poster, diagram, painting, model,
etc. The ideas are endless and we have discussed many of them in class. Their
representation should be creative and should include the symbol name, the
student’s name, and should show that the student put effort into it. The project
should not be completed by parents! Parents may assist with supplies, research,
and organization.
Each student will also need to write a paragraph stating the importance of their
symbol in American history. Information should include the symbol’s name,
where it is/where it can be found, and why it is important to our country. This will
be presented orally, so it should be written by your child (not you!) so that he/she
understands what is being read. Please do not copy and paste information from
the Internet. Sentences should be in second grade language! I have attached
the grading rubric for this project. Please have your child return their written
paragraph, along with their symbol, no later than Friday, November 14, 2014.
Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the project. I’m looking
forward to seeing their creative work!
Mrs. Sikorski
American Symbols Project Rubric
Written Work
Strong knowledge
of the symbol and
its importance to
American history.
written is in
second grade
Good knowledge
of symbol and
some of its
importance to
American history.
Some information
is written in
second grade
Neatness/Mechanics Student
demonstrated neat demonstrated neat
work, accurate
work but may
spelling, and
have some
misspelled words
capitalization and and/or incorrect
capitalization and
Project is evident
Project is evident
of much effort,
of some effort and
creative approach, creative approach.
and mostly
completed by
Oral Presentation
Student spoke
Student spoke
clearly and was
clearly, but could
able to explain
not explain
unknown words.
unknown words.
Little knowledge
of the symbol and
its importance to
American history.
No information is
written in second
grade language.
Student did not
put forth best
effort and has
many misspellings
and incorrect
capitalization and
Project is evident
of little effort,
creative approach,
or project was not
completed by
Student did not
speak clearly or
explain unknown
Overall Score: ____________/12
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