Every Senior and parent must read*

School District
Secondary Education
Heather Miller, Assistant Superintendent
Every Senior and parent must read…
May 2015
Dear Parent(s)/Guardians(s) of a Graduating Senior:
As June and graduation activities approach, it is time to review a few important details regarding the Northshore
School District graduation/diploma requirements and expected student behavior.
School Board Policy 2410 and district procedures set the District’s standard for participation in high school
graduation ceremonies. Seniors earning a high school diploma and participating in commencement will:
Earn 21 credits in required areas of study
Successfully complete the High School and Beyond Plan
Satisfy the Washington State History and Government requirement
Meet standard on the state high school reading, writing, math and biology assessments or a state-approved
alternative assessment
Eligibility for the commencement ceremony and earning a high school diploma are treated as separate
opportunities. Students who have not met standard on the State high school assessments by commencement must
have made a good faith effort to pass these requirements through spring retakes and/or submission of Collection
of Evidence (COE). Students who are concerned about their eligibility for the commencement ceremony and/or
completing the necessary diploma requirements should contact their counselors.
Students who are denied attendance through disciplinary actions, including suspension or expulsion, are denied
the opportunity to participate in and attend school activities during the time the sanctions are in place. This denial
of participation and/or attendance includes such things as attending classes, Senior Breakfast, Senior Prom, and
Commencement exercises.
Included with this letter is specific information about the timeline for graduating seniors as it relates to your
respective high school. Information concerning student behavior and expectations for the commencement
ceremony is also included for your review. With your understanding of these commencement and diploma
policies and procedures, we will all be able to enjoy the graduation activities and ceremonies this June.
Heather Miller
Heather Miller
Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education