File - Ashley Lenar`s E



Ashley Lenar

Grand Rapids, MI- Home Base

11:00AM Saturday, July 18 NW


This is downtown Grand Rapids overlooking the Grand River. (Human-Environment

Interaction; Human and Physical

Characteristics of Place)

8:30AM Sunday, August 2 NW

3. This is First Evangelical Covenant

Church located off of Covell St. on

Tremont in Grand Rapids. Sundays and

Wednesdays are busy for this place, this is the front side of the church. (Absolute


12:00PM Wednesday, April 18 W

5. This is GVSU where my mom graduated from and I am a current student. Main entrance off LMD looking south into campus. (Absolute Location,

Human-Environment Interaction)

9:30AM Saturday, July 25 NW


Beautiful trees in backyard. (Relative Location)

6:00PM Tuesday, December 18 NW

4. Meijer in Standale is where I shop for groceries. I usually enter in the West door because that brings me right to it.

(Absolute Location, Movement of goods)

4:00PM Saturday, September 8 W

6. This is me on the beach in North

Shore. This is located north of the Grand

Haven Pier. My boyfriend and I like to spend our time here in the summer and go boating. Lots of salmon around this area, and big houses! (Physical

Characteristics of Place)

9. This is a picture of the beautiful

Atlantic Ocean in Cocoa Beach, FL.

My boyfriend (fishing in the picture) and I went to visit over Christmas break. I am standing and taking the picture of the oceans east side.

(Movement of People, Human-

Environment Interaction)

2:30PM Sunday, August 18 E

7. This is the harbor in Baltimore, MD; where my friend and I visit once a year to see her family. This picture was taken inside of the aquarium looking out east.

(Movement of People, Relative Location)


4:00PM Saturday, September 15 SW

8. Anytime near the water is great for me! This picture was taken in Chicago when I was there for my sister’s birthday. I am standing on a bridge looking out west at the beautiful buildings. (Physical Characteristics of

Place, Great Lakes Region)

11:00AM Thursday, January 2 S

2:00PM Friday, May 12 W

10. In the city of Grandville, the River town

Crossings Mall is located off Wilson and

44 th

St. This is where I usually do all my clothes/fashion shopping. This is the east side of the mall. (Movement of Place,

Movement of People)