The Journal of Operations Management (JOM)

In addition to the traditional empirical research at the journal, we are encouraging the submission of
manuscripts that address an OM-SCM problem using a grounded analytic model (either deterministic or
probabilistic approaches). There is also a need for manuscripts that empirically test institutionalized
assumptions commonly used by analytic models. In order to avoid any confusion, we thought it best to
give potential authors some guidelines on what we consider to be acceptable approaches. We look
forward to receiving your manuscripts!
Grounded Analytic Models
Practice-driven – based on in-depth knowledge of a SCM-OM problem in a supply chain
Generalizable – the problem is wide-spread and the insights apply to a variety of firms (or entire
Real-World Parameter Choice – parameter choice is grounded by industrial quantitative or
qualitative data. Please note that the data can be transformed (i.e., multiplied by an arbitrary
constant) to protect the company while maintaining functional form.
Verifiable – authors should be able to provide details about their involvement with the company
Please note that these are simply order-qualifiers for manuscripts to be placed under review, and do not
ensure the success of the manuscript.
What analytic grounded models are NOT:
Models developed only from reading the popular business press.
Models developed only from a single plant tour or single conversation with a manager.
Models that are based only on earlier research using grounded models (unless you are the
primary author).
Models based only on teaching cases (unless you are the primary author of the teaching case).
Kyle D. Cattani, F. Robert Jacobs, Jan Schoenfelder, Common inventory modeling assumptions
that fall short: Arborescent networks, Poisson demand, and single-echelon approximations.
Journal of Operations Management 29(5): 488-499.
Guide, Jr., V.D.R., and R. Srivastava, 1998. Inventory buffers in recoverable manufacturing.
Journal of Operations Management 16(5): 551-568
Please note that we are not going to devote fewer pages to traditional empirical topics and view this as a
return to the inclusive original editorial philosophy of the journal. If you have any questions/comments,
please contact Dan via email ([email protected]) to discuss your manuscript or idea.
Thomas Choi
V. Daniel R. Guide, Jr.
Co-Editors-in- Chief
Journal of Operations Management