MHS C-TEC Manufacturing and Pre

MHS C-TEC Manufacturing and Pre-Engineering Program
What is it? We are excited to offer an addition to our C-TEC program. MHS teachers have been working hard to establish a strong C-TEC program; recently,
with the help of CCC we are able to expand on our strong foundation. In a combined effort with CCC and with funds from the CTE Revitalization Grant MHS is
able to offer six new courses for the 2014-2015 school year. The new courses are available for Juniors and Seniors. Please circle the courses you would like to
take and return the sections to your homeroom teacher.
The Courses:
Introduction to Manufacturing Technology
1.5 Credit AR
This three trimester sequence will provide students an opportunity to gain an
understanding in and earn college credit for the courses listed below.
Industrial Safety & First Aid
MFG-107 3 college credits
The industrial Safety course is designed to provide the student
with a basic understanding of safety hazards and first aid in the
workplace. Includes eye safety, grinding wheel hazards, electrical
chemical hazards, slips, falls and back injuries. Instruction in
Red Cross first aid, Automated External Defibrillator (AED) and
Print Reading
MGF 104 2 college credits
Introduction to basic print reading. Students will use the principles of
Orthographic projection and current ASME standards as they apply
This knowledge to interpreting manufacturing prints.
Essential Skills for Manufacturing
MFG 101 1-6 college credits
This course focuses on the basic skills for entry-level operator,
processor and assembler jobs in the manufacturing and logistics
industries. Specialized curriculum covers precision measurement,
manufacturing processes, shop math, safety, workplace readiness
team building and communication.
Principles of Engineering
1 Credit AR
MET 150
6 college credits
Helps students understand the field of engineering/engineering
technology. Explores various technology systems and
manufacturing processes and how math, science and technology
are used in the engineering problem solving process. Includes
concerns about social and political consequences of
technological change. This course is part of the natural Project
Lead the Way curriculum.
Prerequisite: Algebra 1 *Two trimester sequence
Introduction to SolidWorks
.5 Credit AR
CDT 108A
3 college credits
An introduction to the SolidWorks parametric mechanical design
Students will design 3D solid parts and assemblies, and develop 2D
documentation from them.
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