what are advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals there?

18.Zoo’s and safari parks have become popular places in many countries of the world:
 what is in your opinion the aim of the zoo?
 what are advantages and disadvantages of keeping animals there?
 why are safari parks becoming more popular than zoo’s nowadays?
It’s an interesting question that many people wonder about. Why have people created
zoos, and why are they important now?
Zoos today serve an important purpose: they allow us to study and find out more about
animals that we would not understand otherwise. People are curious and want to know
about the world around them, and that especially includes the animals and plants we share
the Earth with.
People do have different opinions about the useful purpose of zoos. Some people think
that animals should not be kept by humans for any reason.
On the one hand, zoos are artificial environments. Animals lose their instinct to hunt for
food. It would be better to save endangered species by protecting their natural habitats.
Keeping animals in cages is also unethical. We have no right to use animals for
entertainment. Also, the weather conditions may be unsuitable. For example, a zoo in
Britain would be very cold for a lion, but not cold enough for a polar bear. Finally, zoos
cannot provide the amount of space animals have in the wild.
On the other hand, zoos play an important role in wildlife conservation. They help to
protect endangered species. They allow scientists to study animal behaviour. Moreover,
zoos employ large numbers of people. They provide job opportunities and income for the
local area. The money raised can be used for conservation projects. Besides, zoos are
interesting, educational and fun. They make a great day out for families. Children learn to
appreciate wildlife and nature.
There is one more place where people can enjoy seeing wild animals. It’s a safari
park.Safari parks are usually found in countryside areas where there is lots of land.
Animals are left to roam, and have more space than they would in a zoo. Some people
prefer going to safari parks than to zoos. Firstly, safari parks allow visitors to drive
through them and come in close contact with the animal.
Safari parks tend to have larger animals than zoos, as there is more room for them to roam.
These include giraffes, lions and elephants.
So, if people can’t bear the idea that animals are kept in captivity they have an opportunity
to enjoy seeing animals in their natural habitat.