HW10 Drug Reaction

Dearest Statistician:
Due to legal restrictions and federal drug safety laws we cannot contact you directly except to send this
request. We here at Domestic Registered Uniform Global Specialists create pharmaceuticals which help
save lives and better the quality of the human experience across the world. Our drugs make Earth a
better place, and we can do so much more if allowed. Unfortunately regulations in the United States
are making it difficult to bless the American people with our new drug Obecalp due to concerns that it
could be slightly related to some side effects. We seek your help to show the safety of this drug.
Obecalp is a drug from the Nosiop family which eases anxiety. Twenty billion Americans suffer with this
disease on a daily basis. Some independent labs have tried to suggest that Obecalp can increase the
number of allergens present in the human body. No such evidence was found in the rats we examined,
but if it were true then these allergens could cause a number of side effects including amnesia, aches
and pains, blurred vision, colored urine, hallucinations, loss of sleep, bowel problems, compulsive
behavior, thoughts of suicide, birth defects, nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, anxiety, abdominal pain,
diarrhea, dizziness, and Munchausen by proxy.
Attached with this document is a data set called drugreactions.txt. This study was overseen by the FDA
and measured patients in a randomized trial where each patient was given a specific dose of the drug
Obecalp, and the measured for allergens 24 hours later. Also in the data set the patient’s gender and
race were recorded (for those patients who were willing to allow that information to be released).
What we want is for you to see if there is a link between the dosage and the allergen level. Also please
investigate whether the gender or race of the person has any effect on the drug.
Naturally your findings will influence how much profit can be made from this drug, as well as the funding
available to pay for your services. We are willing to pay you $1,000 for your analysis. Should the results
show that there is NOT a link between the drug and the allergens we expect a great profit from this and
would be able to pay you an extra $4,000. In the case that the results show some demographics are risk
free, but other groups do have a reaction, we will expect profits to go up for those demographics which
mean we can pay an extra $200 for each demographic that is safe.
Please let us know your findings as soon as can be expected, but make sure you can defend your results
sufficiently to the FDA inspectors. Any findings that are detrimental to our company had better be
correct and well explained.
Mr. I. M. Ezeels
Domestic Registered Uniform Global Specialists
If your life is dull let our drugs light you up!