Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment
Bunsen Burner
-Most common heat source in the lab
-A container for liquids
-Used to prepare, heat & pour solutions
Striker -used to light Bunsen Burner
Ring Stand & O Ring
- A ring clamp is attached to the ring stand
allows for different heights when heating
- Holds object s that are being heated
Wire Gauze
Wire screen with asbestos center
Placed on ring clamp to heat beakers
Graduated Cylinder
Measures the volumes of liquids
Has markings (graduations) to read
Ehrlenmeyer and Florence Flask
A flask is used to heat materials for
a variety of reasons.
Test tubes
Test tubes allow materials to be tested
in small amount
Made of rubber or cork, may have holes
or be solid – used to plug flasks or test
Test tube clamp
Spring type clamp used to hold test tubes
while heating it
Spatula (Scoopula)
These are used to transfer chemical solids
from one place to another
Test Tube Brush
Brush used to clean test tubes
Watch Glass
May be used as a container for materials
that are to be placed on a balance
Test tube rack
Used to hold test tubes or can be used
to dry test tubes upside down
Crucible and Cover
Small heat resistant porcelain dish
Used to heat small amounts of materials
Beaker Tongs
Tongs with wide jaws used to lift hot beakers
Crucible Tongs
Used to pick up hot crucibles
Used to help pour liquids in narrow necked
containers & are also used for filtering
Pipet (eye dropper)
A straight glass tube with a small tip & bulb
Used for measuring small, accurate amounts of liquids
Pipestem (clay) triangle
Holds a crucible while it is being heated
Evaporating Dish
Porcelain dish used to evaporate substances
Mortar & Pestle (Pharmacist’s symbol)
Pestle used to crush material
Mortar holds the material
Long glass tube open at top and with a stop-cock at bottom
Used to add liquid by drops to a solution
Buret Clamp
Attaches buret to ring stand
Can be adjusted vertical, horizontal
and diagonally
Pinch Clamp
Clamp that is used pinch rubber tubing
Wing Top
Sits on Bunsen burner to spread
flame out
Triangle File
3 sided file used to notch glass
Petri Dish
Used to grow bacteria cultures
Thistle TubeUse to pour liquids in to containers
that have stoppers in them
Forceps (tweezers)
hinged instrument used for grasping and holding objects