Session Plan

Leading a Programme session 2 Plan
What is the title of your session?
What kind of session is it
(interactive lecture, seminar,
practical etc.) What level is it set?
What is your microteachinglearning outcome? Does it reflect
the level of learning?
Session Title:
Session Type: workshop
Level: 7
Unit Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this unit students will be able to:
1. critically review the role of programme leaders in relation to
the student lifecycle from outreach to alumni contacts
2. produce an effective and evidence-based programme
development plan
3. critically evaluate their own approaches to leadership in
Higher Education with relation to key theories and
institutional policies
4. situate their own professional development plan in the
context of national, institutional and departmental priorities
Session Learning Outcome(s):
At the end of the session participants should be able to:
1) evaluate the frequency with which different programme
leadership tasks should be completed, and roughly how
much time they may take
2) evaluate the use of specific quantitative data such as ISS
or NSS to inform programme development
3) consider how particular issues such as socialisation can be
investigated and used to inform programme planning
Each of these session outcomes contributes to Unit Learning
Outcomes 1 and 2.
Remember that you will need to
keep to time (15 minutes for
What facilities do you have
available? What will you need to
bring (also see resources in your
plan below)? Do you have a plan
B in case you encounter a
problem with the room or
Date: 20/02/14
Time: 9-10:45am
Duration: 1 hour 45
Room: Delaney 0-09
Facilities: Computer with presentation software; data projector
Resources: programme leader task cards; flipchart and pens
The session is being peer-reviewed and filmed for training
purposes, and a member of the Faculty senior management team
has asked to sit in on the session as well. Thus there are three
additional people in the room and some additional activity going
on, which I need to be aware of.
How and Why
What techniques are you using
when undertaking you teaching?
Why have you selected these
approaches? How will you assess
that your students have achieved
the learning outcome?
Who and Why
What assumptions have you
made about your learners? What
strategies have you put in place
to ensure an inclusive classroom?
Approaches to learning:
This is a workshop with a practical group activity, followed by
discussions. Participants will be expected to follow instructions
and use this experience to develop their own ideas about how
they should organise their time in programme leadership.
My Students:
The group is fairly mixed in terms of experience of programme
leadership. All will have worked with one or more programme
leaders, so will have experience of how different programmes
may be organised and managed.
I know everyone in the group fairly well. Nobody has declared a
disability or particular learning need. Everyone usually
participates to some extent. Everyone is busy and we are very
pressed for time on this unit.
I expect that most people will have done part of the preparation
(reading an article) but may not have been able to find all of the
statistics they may need. I will bring with me a set of NSS data for
the university which people can use if they can’t find anything
more personalised.
10 min
20 min
Activity Description
Activity Type
Resources needed
Plenary: Introduction to the
session. Explanation about visitors
to classroom. Giving out and asking
participants to complete Post-its
during the session regarding their
particular interests and anything
they may need help with.
Group activity (groups formed by
choice, although I may divide them
depending on size/balance)
PowerPoint; data
projector; two sets of
different coloured
Discussion and card
sorting: aim is to
produce an annual
plan of work for the
programme leader
Plenary: asking groups
for views
Cards prepared
following their input
from previous
session; flipchart
paper and pens
10 min
10 min
Plenary: Uses of data to inform
Group activity: looking at data and
discussing how it might be used
15 min
Small group
PowerPoint; data
BYOD to access data
online; NSS data
which I’ve brought
10 min
15 min
10 min
5 min
with me if needed.
Plenary: asking groups None
for views
Group activity: reviewing the
Small group
None; BYOD to access
article which they were asked to
article online if
read and discussing how it could be
used to inform planning.
Plenary: asking groups None
for views
Plenary: reminder about Post-its;
tasks for next session