Safety in the Science Laboratory Understanding Main Ideas

Safety in the Science Laboratory
Understanding Main Ideas
Answer the following questions in the spaces provided.
1. Why is good preparation important when you do a science investigation?
2. What is the most important safety rule you should follow when doing an
3. What should you do first if there is an accident?
Write the safety symbols that best match the tasks on the line.
4. Measuring the temperature of cold water _______________
5. Making a pendulum _______________
6. Sending a toy car down a ramp _______________
Write two rules you should follow to keep animals safe.
Building Vocabulary
Fill in the blank to complete each statement.
9. Heating, poison, electric shock, and breakage are examples of _______________.
10. Always tell an adult where you will be when you work in the _______________.
Safety in the Science Laboratory
Write the letter of the correct answer on the line at the left.
1. ___ Which safety symbol would you
expect to see for an investigation in which
you drop balls to measure how high they
A heat-resistant gloves
B lab apron
C safety goggles
D poison
3. ___ What should you always do to be safe
in the field?
A Wash your hands.
B Wear an apron.
C Work with a partner.
D Wear plastic gloves.
2. ___ Which of the following rules is
important to follow when you are
working with chemicals?
A Make sure electric cords are out of the
B Use heat-resistant gloves.
C Provide proper care for animals.
D Wear plastic gloves.
4. ___ What is the first thing you should do
in case of a fire in the laboratory?
A Pull the fire alarm.
B Tell your teacher.
C Call 911.
D Use the fire extinguisher.
If the statement is true, write true. If the statement is false, change the underlined word
or words to make the statement true.
5. ________________ When you are doing an investigation with glass beakers, there
will always be a safety symbol for heating.
6. ________________ Use plastic gloves when handling hot objects.
7. ________________ Wear safety goggles when you are working with chemicals or
sharp objects.
8. ________________ Always wash your face after working in the laboratory.
9. ________________ When you handle animals, use plastic gloves.
10. ________________ A fire blanket smothers fires.