According to the SA Constitution, *the legislative authority of the

Gipty Thomas
Director of Organizational
Week of: Monday September 3, 2012
 Finance Committee meeting took place this week with Josh, Daihee, Kyle,
Stephen, Paul, and myself. At this meeting Josh went over the process of
how he is changing the budget request. We took some time to see the
organizations that turned in budgets last fiscal year, and which subcommittee they fell under. Josh also asked that each of attend one of the
Budget Informationals next week.
 Alcohol Education meeting at Chick Evans Field House.
 I contacted Document Services about printing 1,000 waiver forms for the
Organizational Expo. I spoke with Joe, who explained the process of
submitting a request online. I placed the order in the same conversation.
The waivers will be ready to be picked up on September 17, 2012 along with
the Organizational Expo ad booklets.
 Gina and I met about having biographies of all Student Association Directors
in the Organizational Ad book. I have spoken with the Directors and asked
them if they would like to change anything from their descriptions they sent
for Go Student Leaders. Some expressed that they would like to extend their
biographies. I have given everyone until September 5th at 4:30 PM to turn in
any revisions they would like included in the ad book.
 Jill Zambito and I were contacted by Angie Byrd saying they never received
our request for the mass e-mail. After further investigation we found that the
request was not delivered. I composed another e-mail draft to be sent out to
all NIU students, and sent it to Jill for editing. Once Jill edited the e-mail the
request was successfully received by Angie.
 Josh, Gina, and I met about the budget workshops being held next week. We
composed a list of organizations that will be required to specifically attend
Josh’s workshops the first two days, and the remainder of the organizations
that will attend the last workshop on Thursday.
 I spoke with Sunsea Shaw, a Graduated Assistant from the Office of NonTraditional Students, who had some questions about the Organizational
Expo. We spoke about how there would be a section dedicated just for
Departments at the Expo. Also, I gave her Jack Berry’s contact information
so she could understand how to handle interdepartmental charges in order to
purchase a full page ad space.
 Gina and I met about creating the Org Expo ad booklet ourselves. I created a
skeleton for her where we can add the bios, ads, and superlatives easily. We
decided that the Executive Board’s biographies would be placed in the front
of the book and to split up the Directors’ biographies throughout the book.
We also spoke with Jack to have him send us the JPEG versions of the ads
he has been receiving. However, many of the organizations that purchased ad
space did not submit JPEG versions. We decided it would be best for Gina to
scan the hard copies submitted, and I would convert the PDF versions to
Student Association: Campus Life Building, Suite 180 ~ E-Mail [email protected] ~ Phone (815) 753-0483 ~ FAX (815) 753-0481
JPEG. Although it was a tedious task, this was the most effective route to
 The Homecoming Recruitment subgroup finalized changes to a letter that
was drafted to be attached to the application. We all submitted our changes
to Gina.
 Sent out reminder e-mails to organizations who have registered for Org Expo.
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