Drug Review Packet

Ms. Sheipe 2012
Drug Review Packet
Define the following:
1. Drug:
2. Responsible drug use:
3. Drug misuse:
4. Drug abuse:
5. Brand name drugs:
6. Generic drugs:
7. Active ingredients:
8. Inactive ingredients:
9. Therapeutic equivalence:
10. Placebo effect:
11. Synergistic reaction:
12. Antagonistic reaction:
13. Antibiotics:
14. Dose:
15. Therapeutic dose:
16. Toxic dose:
17. Lethal dose:
18. Overdose:
19. Recreational drug dose:
20. Drug dependence
21. Physical dependence:
22. Psychological dependence:
23. Withdrawal symptoms:
24. Resistance skills:
25. Drug schedules:
26. Controlled substance:
Answer the following questions using your textbook, power point, and class
handouts/ worksheets:
27. What is the big difference between drug misuse and abuse?
28. What ingredients are the same in both generic drugs and name brand drugs?
29. List the NINE factors that change/influence the effects of drugs or medications:
(Power Point)
30. What is the primary reason bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?
31. List and define the 5 ways drugs are taken into the body: (aka: drug administration)
(p. 405)
32. List and explain the 5 stages of progression to drug dependency: (pg. 459)
33. Explain the difference between codependence and codependent: (pg. 461)
34. What are the two most common and dangerous diseases that result from drug use,
particularly using intravenous drugs?
35. Explain why businesses are often affected economically by drug abuse?
36. Why is it important for an addict who is seeking treatment to move out of his normal
environment? (pg. )
37. List the seven treatment options we talked about in class and CIRCLE the first stage
of any program? (478)
38. Final approval to allow the same of legal drugs is done by
39. Marijuana is a schedule ___________ drug.
40. After being arrested and convicted of any drug crime, this could cause you the
greatest problem over the longest period of time. Circle one.
Jail Sentence
Criminal Record
41. List the 13 factors related to why people use/abuse drugs. (pg. 454)
42. Gamma-Hydroxybutate (GHB), also known as liquid____________, is a
___________________ drug that depress the ______________ ____________
43. _______________ is a popular hallucinogen that can be swallowed, sniffed, or
placed on the tongue to dissolve.
44. Hallucinogens have a psychological dependence, therefore not causing any physical
_________________ symptoms.
45. Sedative-hypnotics ______________ the activities of the central nervous system,
and are used to treat tension, anxiety, insomnia, and epilepsy.
46. This hallucinogen acts like a stimulant, has a tendency to cause people to act
sexually irresponsible and is common at rave parties. ___________________
47. This hallucinogen is a “date rape drug” and is called special
48. Marijuana has a strong______________ dependence.
49. Drugs that reduce pain and slow down the central nervous system are called what?
50. Morphine is one of most powerful legal ______________ ________________ and is
derived from opium.
51. List the negative health consequences of Inhalants:
52. Steroid use may cause undesired effects in males and females, list examples:
53. This type of narcotic is usually injected, typically white in color, causes severe
physical dependence and has been banned in the US since 1956.
54. What is the active drug in Marijuana?___________________
55. The narcotic opium, comes from what type of flower pod?___________________
56. Stimulants (amphetamines) are used to disguise ________________, relieve
drowsiness, and treat _________________ children.
57. Sudden withdrawal from heavy doses of this drug may cause death because they
have the most severe symptoms. Hint: they are under the sedative-hypnotic
category. ____________________
58. Which drug has been found to cause bizarre behavior, suicide, and violent criminal
acts? Hint: found in the hallucinogen category. _____________________
59. This is a schedule II narcotic that is similar to heroin. Used in the treatment of heroin
dependence. ____________________
60. What agency must approve all drugs before they can be sold?
61. List the three categories as to why addictions occur.