Saint Charles Middle School

Saint Charles Middle School
1155 Hwy 327, Lebanon, Ky 40033, Phone: 270-692-4578, Fax: 270-692-1176
Principal: Mrs. Buffy Mann
Counselor: Mr. Daniel McFall
St. Charles Middle School
Budget Policy
September 9, 2013
The following policy will govern the way moneys are to be allocated and spent for St.
Charles Middle School.
Needs Assessment:
The principal/SBDM (adjunct committee) shall take the following steps to assess the
school’s needs for the next school year.
Review last year’s spending and this year’s budget.
Monitor this year’s spending as it occurs.
Review the school’s consolidated plan.
Provide the school’s staff at least one opportunity to make written and/or verbal
Receipt of Allocation:
By March 1, the school council allocation formula regulation requires the district to notify
the Council of its allocation for personnel, instructional supplies, materials, travel, building
operational expenses, equipment and professional development.