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Programming Languages and Verification
Programming languages are languages that were artificially made to send instructions to a
device such as a computer, ipad and many others. Tons of programs were invented because of the use
of programming languages. These programs had a lot of uses and advantages to the computer because
some of these uses, for example were to control printers, scanners and hard drives. Also, certain
requirements are needed to ensure the safety of the programs that are made and that the programs are
working properly. These requirements are called the verification of the programs.
The verification process checks whether the programs abide by the rules, regulations and
instructions used to make the program. There are some types of verifications, but the one that is used
for programs and software is called the formal verification. The formal verification of a program is a
routine that must be done to ensure the success of the program and that the program is working
perfectly normal. The formal verification also checks if you have built the correct program by a process
called dynamic testing. In dynamic testing, the program or software must be run in order to view if they
are working properly, and that they are sending the correct output for the input that the user puts. The
verification also gives a formal proof of the mathematical model of a program or software to ensure
their correctness and functions. Some mathematical models include the semantics of programming
languages. The semantics are divided into many categories such as axiomatic semantics, operational
semantics, denotational semantics and Hoare logic. These categories include a set of rules that carefully
guarantee that programs are working perfectly and exactly how they are supposed to work like.
The first programming language that was made was a language that used binary codes, which
are 0 and 1, because they are the language of the computers. So, any type of text could be translated
into binary codes and can be read by any computer. Many programmers worked with python and ruby
instead of java and c++ because they didn’t want to evolve to high level programs that had a lack of
efficiency. Every kind of thing that you do on your laptop from moving your mouse across the screen to
downloading a game has instructions that somebody wrote in a program.
In conclusion, programming languages are languages that were made in order for people to
connect better with computers to be able to do certain work. Programming languages were the reason
that many programs were made. These programs allowed the users of computers to access many
functions of the computers such as connecting a printer and a screen to a computer. The programming
languages however needed specific requirements in order to function. These requirements are called
the verification process. This process checks whether the program is made correctly and is functioning
like how it is supposed to be. Finally, I hope that programming languages will evolve more in the future.