Topic Assignment -

IB Theory of Knowledge
Theory of Knowledge: Emotion
Directions: Answer each question in at least one written paragraphs using the documents provided as
evidence. Be sure to include citations and a works cited entry for the documents.
Paraphrase = express the meaning of written text or spoken language using different words. Use an
online thesaurus to find synonyms of words.
Format your sentences of your paragraph into the following sections in this order
a. SENTENCE 1: Argument/Answer/Decision (State your argument/answer/decision clearly
and simply)
b. SENTENCES 2-3 OR MORE: Explanation (Explain your argument/answer/decision in greater
c. SENTENCES 4-5 OR MORE: Evidence (Refer to your evidence by either quoting directly from
it or paraphrasing it)
To what extent can reason be trusted as a way of knowing? (2014). Reason. Accessed at
1 a cause, explanation, or justification. 2 good or obvious cause to do something: we have reason to celebrate. 3
the power of the mind to think, understand, and form judgements logically. 4 (one’s reason) one’s sanity. 5 what
is right, practical, or possible: I’ll answer anything, within reason. 6. think, understand, and form judgements
logically. 7 (reason out) find a solution (to a problem) by considering possible options. 8 (reason with) persuade
with rational argument. — PHRASES by reason of formal because of. listen to reason be persuaded to act
sensibly. it stands to reason it is obvious or logical.
To what extent are our beliefs based on evidence?
Standards Covered: #4 Use of Historical Skills