Managing Simulator Complexity

Day 2 – Wednesday 18 September 2013
Session 5 - Technology
Dr. Nidal Sammur, Director of Engineering, FlightSafety International
Managing Simulator Complexity
Flight simulators have been used for pilot training since the early 1900’s. The technology
and complexity of flight simulators has evolved over the years from simple mechanical
based systems to the current state of the art full electric motion with collimated visual
display systems.
What has not changed is the primary goal of using flight simulators to provide a safe and
effective environment to train pilots for their tasks. This presentation seeks to address the
complexity of the training environment and how future technologies can continue to
provide better training equipment for pilots.
Review of continued technology evolution within the simulation industry
Limits of existing technology
Technology improvements
Managing complexity of training environment
Example technologies: glass mirror, IOS, objective motion cueing, scenario
generation etc.