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Technarte 2016 Call4Paper Template
Deadline for your contribution: 15-10-2015
Please read this entire template before you start using it to create your paper! This will save you and the Technical Program Committee
considerable time, and improve your chances for acceptance.
A contributor should remember that:
Papers needs a minimum of 1 page (A4 format) and may not exceed three pages. Additionally, there is a size limit on the electronic version of all
Papers. In Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), submissions may not exceed 5 Megabyte.
Audiovisual material (videos and photos) is needed for the right evaluation of the papers. This material may be provided in two different ways:
-by email, whenever this material doesn’t exceed 7 Megabyte
-with a link to a website, Dropbox, Wetransfer, where this material can be found
Author 1 name + email address
Author 2 name + email address
Author 3 name + email address
Speaker’s name
Speaker’s job title
Speaker’s email address
Speaker’s photo (please insert/attach a photo as
JPG /Gif format, max 500KB)
Telephone number
Fax Number
Mobile number
Please write here the speakers bio (max ½
Full in below ONLY when the speaker is not
the contact person
Contact person
Speaker’s job title
Speaker’s email address
Telephone number
Fax Number
Keywords (Max 5 keywords that capture the contents
of your paper)
Results (Results, benefits, impact,
advantages/disadvantages, bottlenecks, lessons learnt,
key success factors, recommendations, perspectives,
sustainability, requirements for transferability
Materials, tools, publications available)
Stakeholders /Target Group
Knowledge of the audience (1 Low, 2 Medium, 3
If you want to show your project or put an
installation at Technarte, please describe
here the requirements (methodology, equipment,
tools, process, implementation of the approach,
estimated build-up time, etc.)
(Other projects, inspiration, etc.)
Please add here your paper conform our
conditions as written on page 1.
Important Facts for Speakers
Travel costs
The organisation will cover all travel expenses with a maximum of 300 € from Spain, 500 € from rest of Europe
or 700 € from de rest of the world. You can charge 0.28 € per driven kilometres if there is personal transport
involved. NOTE only costs for transport will be covered; consumptions during the trip will not be covered. The
organisation will reimburse all costs after the conference (this means the Speaker books his/hers own flight). The
speaker must present all of the invoices/tickets for proving the travel expenses.
Registration and Hotel accommodation
As a speaker you are automatically registered for the whole Conference. The attendance of the speakers during
the two days of the Conference is necessary, and not only during his/her presentation.
The hotel room will be automatically booked on your name. The Hotel cost is assumed by the organisation.
Guests and relatives
Our budget is fixed and unfortunately, all costs made for the speakers guests like 2nd & 3rd authors, family,
colleagues, and friends can not be charged and will not be covered by the organisation.
We give 50 % discount on the conference ticket price for co-authors in case that they will take part in the
presentation (and includes warming-up dinner, lunch, official dinner and hotel during the conference), and 20%
discount on the conference ticket price for Speakers relatives (Does not include hotel). Social events, like official
dinner and warming-up dinner, are for speakers and co-authors only.
If relatives are joining the speaker we will charge the following costs:
250 € (Hotel and warming up, official dinner)
150 € (Hotel and official dinner)
150 € (Hotel and warming up)
Those costs will be settled with the Travel expenses
Please, any doubt contact to:
Technarte Secretariat
Carretera Asúa, 6
E-48930 Getxo (Vizcaya)
Tel: + 34 94 480 51 83
Fax: + 34 94 480 51 84
e-Mail: [email protected]
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