Tutorial 1

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ERT 108: Physical Chemistry
Tutorial 1
1) Calculate CP of 586 g of CH4 (g) at 2000K and 1 bar if CP,m of CH4 at 2000 K and 1
bar is 94.4 Jmol-1K-1
2) Adam and Anthony found that, U m P T  6.08 Jmol 1 atm 1 for air at 28°C and
pressures in the range 1 to 40 atm. Calculate U m Vm T for air at:
a. 28°C and 1.00 atm
b. 28°C and 2.00 atm
3) One mole of He gas essentially independent of temperature expands reversibly from
24.6 L and 300 K to 49.2 L. Calculate the final pressure and the temperature if the
expansion is:
a. isothermal
b. adiabatic
Sketch these two processes on a P-V diagram
4) One mole of liquid water at 30°C is adiabatically compressed, P increasing from 1.00
to 10.00 atm. Since liquids and solids are rather incompressible, it is fairly good
approximation to take V as unchanged for this process. Calculate q, ΔU, and ΔH for
this process.