About Midokura

Company Facts
December 2015
About Midokura
Founded in 2010, Midokura is a global innovator in software network virtualization. The
company’s pedigree includes Amazon, Cisco, Google and VMware. With its Midokura Enterprise
MidoNet (MEM) solution, Midokura offers the industry a complete overlay technology that
integrates with cloud platforms, such as OpenStack®. Now gaining awareness in 122 countries,
the source code for MidoNet is freely available at www.midonet.org. MidoNet delivers the first
truly open, vendor-agnostic network virtualization solution available to the OpenStack community.
Midokura is a corporate sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation, a contributing member of the
OpenStack Networking (Neutron) Project and Open Platform for NFV Project.
Midokura has offices in San Francisco (USA), Tokyo (Japan) and Barcelona (Spain), and is on
the web at http://www.midokura.com.
Midokura was co-founded in January 2010 by Tatsuya Kato (Chairman of the Board & Cofounder) and Dan Mihai Dumitriu (CEO & Co-founder). The company has assembled a strong,
global technical team from Amazon, Cisco, Google, NEC, NTT and Red Hat, and has research
credentials from Cornell (USA), EPFL (Switzerland), and Stanford (USA)
Executive Team
Dan Mihai Dumitriu, CEO & Co-founder
Tatsuya Kato, Chairman of the Board & Co-founder
Koichi Narasaki, COO
Pino de Candia, CTO
MidoNet – Disruptive Network Virtualization Technology
MidoNet is a distributed, decentralized, multi-layer software defined virtual network solution
designed for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) clouds. By taking an overlay-based approach to
network virtualization, MidoNet sits on top of any IP-connected network, works with existing
network hardware and pushes the network intelligence to the edge of the network, in software.
OpenStack® Integration
MidoNet virtualizes network functionality for cloud management systems like OpenStack and
Docker. Tightly integrated with OpenStack, MidoNet is one of the Top 7 OpenStack Network
[Neutron] drivers, according to the November 2015 OpenStack User Survey. Midokura is the tech
lead and the highest contributor for Neutron’s stadium project, Kuryr. Kuryr, which integrates
directly with native [Docker] container networking components, such as libnetwork, is the gateway
between the container networking APIs and use cases, and the Neutron APIs and services.
Raised $18.6M in Series A funding, announced on April 2nd, 2013
About the Name
Midokura is a portmanteau of two Japanese words Midori = “green” and Kuraudo = “cloud.”
Contact Information
Twitter: @midokura
Media Contact
Cathy Wright
(650) 340-1985