USHEALTH Administrators, LLC.
Job Description
Job Title:
Actuarial Analyst
Effective Date of Job Description:
This position’s primary function is to provide temporary support to the Actuarial Department in
the areas of rate filings, experience reporting, and various other analyses.
II. KEY JOB FUNCTIONS. List the key job functions for which this position is
Held accountable.
1. Prepare rate filings, including actuarial memorandums, experience exhibits,
and rate pages, and respond to state objections
2. Run periodic actuarial data reports as requested, for experience and in-force
3. Monitor rate increase implementation
4. Assist in competitive analysis by collecting competitors’ quotes, comparing
plan benefits, and reviewing available actuarial materials
5. Assist in area factor analysis by evaluating geographic data and PPO network
6. Provide ad hoc support to VPs, AVP, and Sr. VP as needed
7. Learn from Department personnel about the health business and the actuarial
profession, and receive training on key I.T. systems
Percent of time
III. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS. List or describe the performance standards that the
incumbent must meet.
Analytical – Collects, researches, and analyzes actuarial data and competitive information. Determines
problems and identifies solutions.
Project Management – Completes projects on time, accurately, and within budget.
Interpersonal Skills – Maintains confidentiality. Effectively gather information from other personnel and
communicated decisions and errors/discrepancies to others.
Communication – Writes clearly and informatively; Presents numerical data effectively; Able to read and
interpret written information. Effectively conveys work results and concepts.
Quality – Ensures accuracy and thoroughness of competitive database, rate filings, reports and rate
system monitoring.
Adaptability – Accepts and incorporates change into daily routine, flexibility; ability to shift focus.
Decision Making. List or describe the types of decisions that this position generally makes
and those decisions typically referred to the supervisor.
Independent Decisions
 Procedural objection responses on rate filings
 Method of data collection and manipulation, for
purposes of experience exhibits and other
recurrent calculations
 Some design elements of competitive database
Referred to Supervisor
 Final OK on rates to be distributed to states
and/or internal implementation team
 Changes to established procedures and/or
 Determine actions for unusual items.
Complexity/Diversity of Work. Select the level which is most typical for this position.
____ Work is routine and steps to accomplish are repetitive.
_ _ _ Work involves several related or sequential steps requiring recognition of the existence of and differences between
existing procedures and similar situations.
_ _ _ Work involves different/unrelated processes/methods requiring evaluation of issues and selection of a course of action
from several alternatives.
___Work involves many different/unrelated processes applied to an administrative or professional field which require
assessment of unusual circumstances, variations in approach and incomplete/conflicting data.
____ Work consists of highly diverse activities applied to a broad range of activities requiring substantial depth of analysis
and involves continuing changes in program, technological development, unknown phenomena or conflicting
requirements and requires extensive mental effort and creativity.
____ Work consists of broad functions and processes involving assignments with several phases being pursued concurrently
or sequentially. Includes largely undefined issues and elements requiring extensive probing and analyses to determine
nature and scope of issue. Work requires continuing efforts to establish concepts, theories or programs, or to resolve
unyielding problems.
Autonomy. Select the level which is most typical for this position.
1. Guidelines Provided - Work methods and procedures to be followed are:
Nearly always well defined and specific to the work activity.
Usually well-defined but allows for some flexibility in application.
Flexible, with choices available from established alternatives.
Unclear. Independent judgment is used to determine methods.
Incomplete or not completely relevant; must be developed/refined using judgment and discretion.
Generally undefined; employee must determine what actions to take and develop methods or approaches.
2. Freedom to Act - Select the level which is most typical for this position.
____ Work receives direct supervision; supervisor reviews for procedural conformance.
____ Work receives close supervision; supervisor provides guidance on matters not specifically covered by established
procedures. Limited opportunity to vary work steps or in deciding appropriate procedures, guidelines and methods.
___ Work receives moderate supervision; supervisor indicates generally what is to be done and provides specific
instruction only for new, difficult or unusual assignments. Opportunity exists to decide and apply most effective work
methods from established alternatives.
____ Work receives direction toward accomplishment of program/objectives. Supervisor assists with unprecedented/
controversial situations. Significant opportunity to decide and develop work methods/ procedures/priorities.
____ Work receives general direction toward accomplishment of major program or project objectives. Employees must draw
on available resources to accomplish end result. Supervisor reviews work for progress toward achievement of
____ Work on subject only to broad policy and general management guidance. Employee sets objectives and determines
means and method of achieving.
Interaction With Others - Describe the purpose and frequency of external/internal contacts,
excluding position's own department, which are typical of this position.
Product Development &
Administration Departments
Coordination of rate increase
decisions and rate filings with
implementation team. Working with
analysts on new product filings.
As necessary
IT Department
Communication of rate information
to quoting software contact and
As necessary
Working with marketing on
competitive analysis requests.
As necessary
Reporting Relationship - Please fill in the diagram to show the relationship of this job to others
in the organizational unit.
Supervisor's Job Title
Actuarial Analyst
This Position's Job Title
Actuarial Intern
List job titles of direct reports and number
of incumbents.
Job Title:
List job titles of direct reports and number
of incumbents.
Job Title:
Impact - What is the measurable impact of the position on the Company? (Check one.)
Job has significant impact on the department.
Job has major impact on the department and a measurable impact on the overall Company.
Job has extensive impact on the department and/or moderate impact on the overall Company.
Job has a substantial impact on the overall Company.
Job has a major impact on the overall Company.
Job has an extensive impact on the overall Company.
Approval Parameters - List specified dollar amounts, if any, which this position is authorized to
approve for expenses and capital.
Expenses: $____0_______________________________ Capital: $____0_______________________________
A. Education, Training and Certification or Licenses Required:
 Pursuing Bachelor’s Degree (B.A. or B.S) in actuarial science, mathematics, business, economics, or
computer science
 Pursuit of an actuarial career, with at least 1 SOA exam taken or scheduled
 Moderate Level in Excel, Access, and Word, with some programming and/or query language
B. Experience:
No experience required
C. Knowledge, Skills/General Abilities:
Computer Skills: Moderate Level in Excel, Access, and Word, with some programming and/or query
Language Skills: Ability to write reports and document procedures, as well as strong verbal
Mathematical Skills: Ability to work with large amounts of data, as well as mathematical/actuarial
concepts such as probability and statistics
Learning Skills: Ability to interpret a variety of instructions furnished in oral or written form
Physical Abilities:
Ability to work on a PC for extended time periods
Mental Abilities:
Ability to solve practical problems quickly, and to assess a variety of complex variables in a dynamic
D. Other
E. Equipment Required:
10-key calculator
F. Work Environment/Environmental Conditions:
Office work environment
Salary Grade:
Date of Approval:
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