Visual Resources Draft 1

Visual Resources
The perception of open space is enhanced by unrestricted views.
The visual resources of the Conifer/285 Corridor Area are among its most important values. Views of the area’s beauty attract
people to the community and provide pleasure to its residents.
1. Visually sensitive areas, and landscapes that have special qualities, (e.g. major rock outcrops, meadows, steep slopes, ridgelines and peaks) should be treated as an environmentally sensitive area, and New Development in these areas should only be
allowed if visual impacts to the neighboring properties can be adequately mitigated.
2. Visual impacts of New Developments in meadows cannot be adequately mitigated through planting trees.
3. Structures, roads and utilities should be designed so they do not visually dominate the landscape. Techniques that should be
considered include:
a. Structures should be below the ridgeline, and natural materials and colors should be used;
b. Roads should be constructed parallel to contours, rather than a bold cut on a hillside; and
4. Development within activity centers should be designed to achieve a visually cohesive appearance by using natural materials
and colors compatible with the mountain backdrop of the area.
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