Estimation of haemoglobin concentration

Estimation of haemoglobin
Principle :-To estimate the concentration of
haemoglobin in the provided sample of blood.
Sahli Method:Preparation:a) Fill haemometer tube to level (0.02g) with
standard hydrochloric acid diluted 1:10.
b) Place ready water for dilution,clock with second
for checking reaction time.
c) Sterilize finger tip and prick it with lancet and
suck blood into capillary pipette upto
d) Blow blood into hydrochloric acid in the tube.
e) Put the tube in the stand.
f) Dilute with pure water until color the same.
g) Read the result after 3 minutes.
Discussion:Haemoglobin and abbreviated Hb is the iron –
containing oxygen transport metalloprotein in the
red blood cells.
Haemoglobin concentration measurement is among
the most commonly performed blood tests, usually
as part of a complete blood count. Result are
reported in g/L,g/dl .
Men 13.5 to 16.5 g/dl
Women 12 to 15 g/dl
Children 11 to 16 g/dl
Pregnant women 11 to 12 g/dl
If the concentration is below normal, this is called
anemia. Anemia are classified by the size of red
blood cells . The anemia is called microcytic if red
cells are small. Macrocytic if they are large,and
normocytic otherwise.