3775 Draft risk assessment EHU Technology Hub General note This

Draft risk assessment
EHU Technology Hub
General note
This project is for a three storey generic teaching building attached to
an existing three storey building known as the Levens. The scheme
includes a lecture theatre and a space with a lower floor level for the
CAVE (computer augmented virtual environment). There is a single
storey building on the site that will be demolished.
The site is on the periphery of busy university campus (includes
residential) adjacent to a main access that will remain in constant
The site must be secured at all times. Vehicle movements are in a
restricted area with cars/pedestrians and will require planning and
careful management
The contractor needs to be aware the teaching and examinations are
ongoing and will be expected to liaise with the university to minimise
No access is permitted via Ruff Lane, all contractor access from St
Helens Road.
Congestion, St Helens Road and access to the University can be
congested at peak times and should be avoided. Applies in particular
to delivery of large components eg roof sheets
Fire Access Route.
The existing road layout incorporates a fire access route across the
south end of the site. This would cross the site area and would need
to be maintained throughout the duration of the works.
Alternative fire access to be reviewed by EHU
Adjacent buildings.
Will remain is use throughout the duration of the works, The Levens
(attached) will remain occupied until the end of June 2016. Services,
access and means of escape must be maintained.
This will include amending the existing external fire escape to clear
the site area and defining the external escape route
The site is adjacent to a residential area, planning/consideration must
be given to keep noise and disruption to a minimum and avoid
extended working hours when activities may be disruptive
The planning approval will probably restrict working hours
Services, there are existing underground services plus incoming gas
supplies adjacent to the site. Some survey information is available but
must be checked prior to any excavation
Draft risk assessment
EHU Technology Hub
Services in the immediate area of the building will be diverted prior
to possession
Trees. All trees on the site are protected (TPO) access and handling of
steel and components should take account of the restrictions that
this imposes
Demolition. Not part of this contract
Drainage. Covered elsewhere
Construction. Three storey steel frame on piled foundations. Part
curtain wall enclosure, part SFS or SIPS panel.
Although relatively small in area, the roof will include long continuous
sheets of standing seam roof on a liner tray. The sheets will include a
curved section.
Area of lower floor level (future CAVE) on ground floor
Main stair. Steel structure, components will require mechanical
handling and sequenced with assembly of main frame
Re-configuration of existing external steel fire escape
The lift in the Levens will be retained.
Construction sequence to be considered due to limited access along
West side. The east side will include the former car park as hard
standing but is still constrained by the tree canopy.
Glazing. Glass will require mechanical handling.
Limited areas of inclined glass at ground floor level
Materials have been chosen to minmise future maintenance. The
facades consist of glass, powder coated aluminium and brick and
other than cleaning (primarily from ground level) require minimal
attention for the lifespan of the material.
High level windows (vents to central space) will require infrequent
cleaning using a fall arrest system
Roof construction is split between single ply membrane and standing
seam aluminium, the single ply is generally protected by a green or
brown roof. The standing seam roof is virtually maintenance free
except for a high level gutter that can be reached using a mobile
platform. The continuous sheets reduce the potential of failure but
access and assembly requires consideration (a specialist sub
contractor has been consulted during design development).
Draft risk assessment
EHU Technology Hub
Decoration. Access scaffold/towers will be required in the central
The existing lift in Levens retained with existing access and
maintenance regime
Services and lighting, detailed elsewhere but the services within the
building are minimal. The generic teaching spaces have been
designed primarily to rely on natural ventilation with some
mechanical assistance. The exceptions being the lecture theatre that
has local air handling and cooling and the possible CAVE area that
requires cooling.
Lighting, largely LED sources with very low maintenance
High level actuators do not require frequent maintenance, specific
access arrangements will be needed, eg high level vents in circulation
Means of escape. The building has been designed in compliance with
Pt B of the Building Regulations. Mechanical smoke venting was
considered but designed out
External works, described elsewhere