Module 4 reference location guide

Page 11
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Operation Enduring Freedom 2010. Washington, DC: Office of the Surgeon General U.S. Army Medical
Page 12
(Organizational Stigma, first sentence reference to “policies”)
DoD Instruction 6490.08, “Command Notification Requirements to Dispel Stigma in Providing Mental
Health Care to Service Members,” August 17, 2011
Page 12
(Organizational Stigma – Strategies, Strategy #4 SF 86)
U.S. Office of Personnel Management, (2010). Standard form 86 - questionnaire for national security
positions (OMB No. 3206 0005). Retrieved from Office of Management and Budget
Page 13
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Page 14
Blue Star Families
Greentree, V (2012). 2012 Military family lifestyle survey report. Blue Star Families Department of
Research and Policy; Washington, DC.
Page 15
Nash et al 2011 SHOULD READ Nash, 2011
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for leaders. In E. C. Ritchie (Ed.), Combat and Operational Behavioral Health (pp. 107-119). Washington,
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Craig and Morrow, 2011 Should be changed to Bryan and Morrow, 2011
Bryan, C.J., & Morrow, C.E. (2011). Circumventing mental health stigma by embracing the warrior
culture: feasibility
and acceptability of the Defender‟s Edge Program. Professional Psychology: Research and Practice, 42,
Page 22 Tab 2 Induction
DoD Instruction 6130.03, April 28, 2010; Incorporating Change 1, September 13, 2011, Medical
Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in the Military Services
Page 41 Main paragraph
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Page 41 patient perspective
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