September 30, 2010

AnthroGroup Meeting
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o October 12th, Tuesday
o 4-5 or 5-6
Speaker: Dr. Raymond Hames – CV workshop
o Necessary for grad school/fieldwork, etc
o Handout: CV example
 Very rich – very few get to do/put as much on their CV as example
o Grad School
 Requirements
 GRE, transcripts, letters of recommendation, statement of
purpose, CV*
o *nice to have CV
o Sometimes they ask for a writing sample – don’t send
unless they ask for one
 GRE – mandatory
 Good for 5 years, USE A PREP MANUAL, get a good night
sleep beforehand
 Transcripts
 Grades, do your courses give you a good set of skills?, etc…
 Letters of recommendation
 IMPORTANT! Get to know your professors, usually want
about 3 (make sure at least 2 are from anthro professors), and
give your profs time to write them
 Statement of purpose
 Don’t focus on life history/events, length should be 2 to 2 and a
half pages, let your profs review it, it should be your goals,
keep the formats basic
o What are you passionate about?
o Outside activities, etc…
o Your CV – “Curriculum Vitae”
 Stay away from personal info – age, sex, marital status, etc
 Education
 Keep it simple – one to two lines, but include details like
minors, specialization, dates
 Academic experience (field research + teaching/fellowships)
 Use details
o Theses, fieldwork, research, field schools
o Describe each situation
 i.e. field school = where/when
o fellowships, GTA, academic employment (work studies
are iffy)
o papers published/abstracts, conference participation
 non-academic professional experience
o jobs, activities and responsibilities associated
o name the firm, don’t need salaries, list of supervisors
 reports and publications
o publications (name, place, data)
o unpublished reports
o keep your facebook “clean” – schools will look you up
 memberships
o place all that apply; groups, volunteerisms
 tech skills/certifications
o important!
o Lab, skills gained in coursework, statistical analysis,
IRB, foreign language, random skills (Red Cross,
scuba, computers, etc)
 References
o Names, title, current contact info – should be known in
the field, or relevant to
2 meetings coming up in October
o 14th – Wayne Babchuk
o 28th – Kyle Gibson
o Horror movie party in the future?
 Probably in the lab
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